5 Vital Reasons to Make Mobile CRM a Part of Your Business System!

Business competitions scale new heights every day! Better customer service can keep you stay ahead of the curve in this situation. You can take help from the CRM system to offer a more personalized experience to your customers.

But then, how would you access and manage the CRM system on the move for expanding your business and interacting with prospects?
The Mobile CRM handles this situation with ease.  It offers a real-time access to customer data using a smartphone. Various CRM platforms have their customized mobile apps to offer this facility to the companies. Out of them, SuiteCRM mobile app and Sugar CRM mobile app are the most popular ones in the corporate world.

A Gartner study revealed that a well-planned Mobile CRM app can assist your business to get a whopping 41% increase in revenue per sales person. It eases the sales process and improves team collaboration. Your sales team can stay updated through a 24/7 access to the customer’s information.

Here’s how mobile CRM exerts positive impact on major aspects of your business:


A mobile CRM app boosts the productivity of your business. It assists your sales team to follow up on leads. It also facilitates the sales team to offer services in a more personalized way. A report said that various sales teams witnessed a 15% increase in productivity thanks to mobile CRM app.

Customer Relationship

Strong business relationship with your customers can help your business grow exponentially. A Mobile CRM app can assist you to manage rapport, contacts, and sales leads. A customized CRM app also enables you to maintain the customer details and communication in real time.

Actionable Insights

The scalable mobile CRM like Sugar CRM mobile app offers you actionable insights. It also streamlines the process and make it customer-focused. You can get a ready access to customer’s history and prior interactions. This makes it easy to take informed decisions.

Efficient Sales Processes

A SuiteCRM mobile app has all the necessary elements to improve the sales process efficiency. Once you integrate them into your sales cycle, these apps can lead you to improve the sales process.

Result-oriented Experience

Easy installation and customization make mobile CRM app a choice of many businesses globally. You can use it to address changing sales requirements and increase your company’s YoY revenue. A report revealed that a mobile CRM app could increase the cash flow by 10%. It is possible with the result-oriented experience of the mobile CRM app.

Let us acquaint you with TapCRM - an intuitive and inventive SuiteCRM/Sugar CRM mobile app. It enables sales reps and admins to manage the CRM system on the move. It offers a real-time data availability with exclusive functionalities.

This Sugar/SuiteCRM mobile app can import contacts, mass update, or delete the records, and offers the real-time updates with the activity stream.

TapCRM, a Sugar/SuiteCRM mobile app facilitates sales and marketing teams for serving customers in a better way. Your employees can resolve the customer’s issues quickly with TapCRM. All you get is satisfied customers and cost reduction!

Do you have a mobile CRM app in your business system? Share your views with us.

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