5 Ways to Incorporate Live Video into Your Content

Incorporating live video into your content can make a tremendous difference in your digital presence. Yet to leverage the power of live video, it needs to be seamlessly integrated with content. When used effectively, live video helps businesses to succeed at a fraction of the cost of most other marketing tools. To learn about five ways to incorporate live video into your content, read on. 

Get Your Voice-Over Right

To incorporate live video satisfactorily, you need to get the voice-over right. For instance, although 81 percent of businesses that use explainer videos, which are videos that describe product or service offerings, reported an increase in sales, 75 percent of customers said that they passed on purchasing a product after watching a video because they did not like the voice-over, according to Wyzowl. Most consumers prefer informal videos. 

Rule of thumb: Ensure that the voice-over in each live video is conversational. To make sure your voice-over is well liked, test a prototype of your voice-over on a few customers before streaming.  

Use the Right Influencers

Influencers can generate digital traffic. Among subscribers of YouTube between ages 18 and 34, half opted to stop whatever they were working on to watch new YouTube videos by their fave developers, according to Google. Choose a few influencers who suit your brand due to their popularity in your target market, values, lifestyle, and/or achievements to play key roles in your live videos. 

Use Live Video for Education

Key features of live video include its ability to educate without formality and its ability to develop materials that are more accessible. So you can include live video into your educational content to make this content seem friendlier to more people.

Rule of thumb: Once you identify what you want your videos to achieve, try to develop engaging videos that educate in a conversational manner.

Place your Live Video on the Right Platforms

Choosing the right platforms for your live video will give you a head start in attracting people who will engage with it. 

Rule of thumb: Choose your platforms based on popular live streaming platforms and the online behavior of your target market that you can identify through market research. 

Use Life Streams to Build Buzz

Before going live, use several short life streams to motivate people to watch your live video. Think of these life streams as a part of the prep that is necessary for each video. 

Rule of thumb: Anything that makes people want to watch your live video, such as a mobile stream of a brief dialog between two of your employees about the video, a funny few seconds where your pet dog seems to be trying to get in front of the computer to watch the video, or something as simple as someone penciling in the date and time of your live video into a schedule, can be used to build buzz. 

You now have the intel you need to incorporate your live video into your content, so get started today!

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