5 Ways to Save or Make Money from your Own House

One way to save money is through maximizing your own house. It’s a great way to save actually because each one of us needs shelter—it’s one of every human being’s basic needs. So we basically need to have our own house. And if we have an opportunity to earn from it then well and good.

           Here are some of the ways to save and make money from your own house:


           Airbnb is an online hospitality service. It was founded in 2008 yet, but the last few years saw it peaked considerably. Americans are stressed. A vacation has become a necessary break and not just a thing of luxury that you only do if you have extra money. So if you have an extra room in the house, you could use it to enrol yourself in the Airbnb community. But the garage would be the perfect place to set up as an Airbnb accommodation. This way, your guest will have his or her separate entrance / exit. That way, you can continue working without be anxious about your house.

           If you don’t have an extra room to spare, then maybe you can find one. There must be that one room in the house that stores all your junk. It will be worth it in the end.

Duplex / triplex

           If you still don’t have a house, then maybe it’s about time to stop renting and finally own a home. Be smart about it and buy a duplex—if you have a small family or are just part of a couple; or a triplex—for a bigger family. You can use one part of the house to be rented out so you can earn money. The rent money could form part of the amortization of the entire home you purchased.

Tax breaks

           Arm yourself with knowledge about tax breaks when you are planning on buying a house. Either that or you can hire an accountant to look into it. Some states have such a thing as a homestead tax where those who have steep housing amortizations but have low income can enjoy some sort of tax credit.


           For sure you are not the only person you know who is trying to save money. So ask your family, friends or relatives—just anybody you can trust—if they want to move in with you as a roommate. This way, you will not be heavily burdened by the housing fees yourself. At least you can have someone to share financial burdens with.


           If a house is not brand new, there will be times when you have to call on someone to fix something from the house. Well, you can save a lot of money if you just do these things yourself. Learn basic plumbing so you don’t have to pay over $100 for a simple leak. If there is a place in the house that needs painting, it would be considerably practical of you could do such menial tasks yourself.

           These are some of the unique and best ways to save on housing. It’s like the quintessential saying of having your cake and eating it too: You have a home to live in, while also earning from it.


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