6 eCommerce mobile app features that can be a silver bullet for your eCommerce business

In the ever-growing eCommerce industry, mobile apps are a must for staying ahead of the competition. Customers' love for online shopping is what that led eCommerce apps to become the latest frontier. There is no doubt in the fact that mobile apps have became the need of the hour rather than just a luxury. So, having an optimized website isn't enough anymore in this industry. You have to delve into the mobile application development if you optate to drive sales towards your store. 

But is it really enough to just develop a mobile app? Majority of the eCommerce sector have gone mobile and everybody is fixated on getting more leads. So, while developing a mobile application if you would look for some essential functionalities, surely your app will surpass the competition. Here, I am sharing a few such eCommerce app features which can be a game changer for your business.

1.Intuitive app interface

Often it transpires that users uninstall the apps because of crammed UI. App developers should endeavor to make an app that should be facile enough for the users to find what they are probing for. Prestashop Mobile App Builder gives the right interface required for your application. 

2. Multiple Language Support

It is rightly verbalized by someone," If you want big, you should target sizably voluminous". This strategy also fits into your eCommerce business. You can easily target a hefty audience from all around the world just by incorporating multiple languages into your store. It will bring users from all the corners of the world where you could have missed.

3. Multiple Payment Methods

Have you ever realized that why many apps couldn't enhance the sales apart from having all the functionalities? The reason is just one - Single Payment Option. Often the users abandon the cart due to unavailability of their desired payment mode. Diverse payment methods are a must if you genuinely fixating on enhancing your store sales. 

4. Social Media Platforms

We all ken the potency of social media platforms nowadays. So, try to prehend the benefits offered by these channels into your app. The famous social channels as Google+, Facebook, Twitter etc. can be used for sharing your store offerings and deals. They even provide an expeditious and easy login option to users.

5. Direct User Support

Your app must have the live support feature for the users. Often it happens that the users are left with unsolved issues while shopping. This could result in customers leaving the app without making the purchase. You should add a live support option in mobile apps through which any issues or queries can be resolved then and there.  

6. Quick Checkout

We all love the apps which makes the order submission easy for us. The app checkout process has seen a transformation from multiple pages to a single page. You should make sure app checkout should be smooth enough that don't bother users while placing the order. 


These were some of the top-picks eCommerce app features which can give a push your business. You should make sure to incorporate them in your own app. Surely, these features will enhance your user base in no time.  

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