6 Exciting New Companies and Kickstarter Projects Addressing Water Conservation

When it comes to water conservation, there are all sorts of different approaches one could take. Most of us start by looking for ways we can conserve water at home and making simple changes that really add up with repetition. Others go a step further by looking for charitable organizations to support, volunteer efforts to join and businesses to support that make water conservation a priority.

However, it’s important to realize that water conservation isn’t just something established companies are working hard to address. There are new companies and forward-thinking entrepreneurs emerging all the time, each interested in doing their own part to solve the global water crisis. The following are just a few of our favorites.

1. Altered:Nozzle 

If you’ve already looked into ways to conserve water at home, then you don’t need to be told there are lots of ways you can go about it. You can become more mindful of how much water you use to shower, do your laundry or water your garden. You can also make a massive difference in your water use by upgrading household fixtures, like water faucets, to more efficient models.

The Altered: Nozzle is a water-saving solution that seeks to take saving water in this way to exciting new levels. Conceived of by start-up company Altered:, the Altered: Nozzle is being marketed as the most extreme water-saving device of its kind out there. It reduces water use up to 98% by atomizing the water, enabling you to use significantly less while retaining full functionality of your faucet. .    

2. Nebia Shower

The average person takes thousands of showers over the course of their lifetime. What’s more, the shower itself is typically the third heaviest user of water in a given home (after toilets and washing machines). Learning to cut showers short is one way to use less water in the shower, as well as an effective one. Another is to alter your shower system.

The Nebia Shower is a self-installed shower system designed to use 70% less water than your average household showerhead. According to developers, the system pays for itself in water savings in less than two years. Like the Altered: Nozzle, the Nebia works by atomizing shower water into tiny droplets with a greater surface area than normal droplets.

 3. FLOWE.green

FLOWE.green is an eco-conscious company that specializes in offering services and products designed with water and energy conservation in mind. (“FLOWE” stands for “For the Love of Water and Energy”.) It was founded by Chris Kirn and Jeff Horowitz, both of whom have been active in regards to green energy and water conservation for multiple years.

FLOWE.green is currently making news for the launch of its latest Kickstarter campaign. The campaign in question is to raise funds for a water and energy saving faucet called WooD (“Water Only on Demand”). The faucet in question could collectively save trillions of gallons of water over time and is operated via a convenient, hands-free interface, designed to fit seamlessly into the consumer’s life.

4. Ark Labs

Smart homes are the way of the future in the eyes of many forward-thinking individuals, and with good reason. When a home is outfitted with technology capable of learning your habits and preferences, a lot of the guesswork is taken out of not only managing your home to your liking, but using resources like water and energy wisely, as well.

Ark Labs is yet another interesting tech start-up company with its sights set on water conservation. They also have an affordable smart water monitoring system in the works that looks incredibly promising. It’s called the DRiY, a device capable of “learning your water” via smart software.

Among other things, the DRiY is capable of monitoring for potential water leaks. This enables the consumer to spot potential problems long before serious water damage has a chance to set in. In most cases, DRiY users will be able to learn of a possible problem before it’s even had a chance to affect their water bill, potentially saving hundreds of gallons of water in the process.

 5.  GreenStalk

Are you already into growing your own food as part of an eco-conscious, health-focused lifestyle? Would you be interested in a solution that takes care of your garden’s needs as efficiently as possible? You might be interested in taking a closer look at GreenStalk.

GreenStalk is a revolutionary planter-based system, designed specifically for home gardeners that like to grow their own fruits and vegetables. The system is soil-based, consisting of multiple stackable planters. Plants are kept watered to perfection via a pump-free gravity-based system.

All the gardener needs to do is fill the top reservoir to the specified marks, and GreenStalk takes care of distributing the water efficiently. It’s perfect for those looking specifically to cut down on garden-based water waste!  


FLUID is an exciting new water conservation idea that is being pitched as the world’s first smart/learning water meter. It aims to take all of the guesswork and speculation out of how a given household uses water via a variety of high-tech tools, as well as an app that’s packed with useful information. The type of information users get access to with FLUID is incredibly detailed, allowing them to make wise ongoing decisions about water-based decisions for their household.

FLUID also delivers when it comes to its ability to learn your household’s water usage. For instance, it can be told to “learn” the water consumption flow patterns associated with the use of certain appliances. Find out how much water your family really uses by flushing the toilet, washing the dishes, watering the lawn, showering and much more.

FLUID has the ability to monitor your home for leaks and alert you the second something unusual is spotted so you can take immediate action, as well. It even makes suggestions as to what you should look for (i.e. running toilet, leaky pipe, etc.). How cool is that?

As you can see, water conservation only stands to become easier, simpler and more convenient with companies and campaigns like these out there. Consider supporting one or more of them today!

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Comment by Chloe Taylor on August 24, 2018 at 4:55am

Water conservation is something that every household should think about. We should all get those low-flow shower heads and aerators and consider getting amazing UV water treatment systems...


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