6 features of Node JS that makes it a perfect choice for enterprise app development

Node JS is an open-source server-side platform that is mainly built on the JavaScript engine of Google Chrome. It was developed in the year 2009 by Ryan Dahl. It is mainly used to create a fast and scalable network environment.  has been using Node JS for developing a data-intensive real-time software application.  The best thing of Node JS is that it can run on any type of operating system including Microsoft Windows, MAC operating system, Unix and Linux. It has a rich library JavaScript module. The developers can use this library which will certainly simplify the development of various web applications.

The files of Node JS mainly comprises of various tasks that can be executed on some particular events. Basically, an event is triggered whenever any person tries to access any port of the server. Thus it is essential that you initiate Node JS file on the server before it can have any type of effect. The extension that Node JS file uses is .js.

Node JS is also used extensively by the developers of the . There are many areas where Node JS are extensively used for example it is used in creating any type of I/O bound applications, data streaming applications, Data Intensive Real-time Applications (DIRT), JSON APIs based applications as well as single page applications. However, it is always recommended not to use Node JS for any type of CPU intensive applications.

Another major advantage of using Node JS is that you do not need to set up your own environment for starting it. You will get the automatic environment set up online with the help of which you will be able to execute all programs of Node JS. However, the user who wants to set up their own environment for using Node JS can easily do it as only two types of software will be required. These are a simple text editor and Node JS binary installable.

Features of Node JS

Node JS has some excellent features which have made it one of the perfect choices for various app enterprise app development. These features are described in details below:

  1. The default setting for function parameter: One of the best features of Node JS is that it has a default parameter setting for various functions. With this feature, a default value will be set for the function arguments at the time when the function will be defined initially. This is the feature that provides huge support for configurable argument values. With the help of this feature, it becomes possible to create more consistent and less opinionated code that is very useful for the entire ecosystem.
  2. Symlink preservation: With the help of this feature of Node JS it becomes possible to preserve the symbolic links which are very useful for resolving and caching modules. In the Node JS version V6.0.0, this feature of symlink preservation was enabled. But instead of creating a positive impact on the ecosystem it is found that it produces poor performance. Then the version V6.2.0 comes up with a temporary solution.
  3. Asynchronous and event-driven features: This is another most important feature that Node JS possess. All that Application Program Interface (API) that can be found in the library of Node JS is asynchronous and non-blocking. Thus, with Node JS the server never requires to wait for the Application Program Interface (API) to return its data. Instead what happens is that the server moves to the next API once it makes a call for the API. Then whenever the API responds a notification event of Node JS appears which helps the server to know that the response of API has arrived. Then the server responds to the call of the API.
  4. Single threaded and high scalable: Another excellent feature of Node JS is that it always uses a single threaded model. In the case of event looping also it uses single thread model. With the help of the event mechanism, it becomes possible for the server to respond and it is mainly done in a non-blocking way and it makes the server very scalable. That is the reason the server which uses Node JS is highly scalable as compared to the traditional servers in which usually have a limited thread for handling the request. In Node JS, a single-threaded program will be used. Thus, unlike the traditional servers such as Apache HTTP server, a single thread is used in Node JS servers and it has the ability to provide service to a large number of requests with the same program.
  5. Expanding arrays by spread operator: Node JS comes up with spread operator. The spread operator is a type of tool which is native to JavaScript. It is highly used for expanding an array for any type of function or literals. It is very useful in the situation in which it is necessary to reuse the values. The best thing with spread operator is that the values are stored and you can call the value with smaller footprint whenever required.
  6. Extracting data from array and object with Destructuring:  Another excellent feature of Node JS is that it has the ability to extract data from various types of arrays and objects. The developers of Mobile Application Development Company extract the values of the arrays and then they expose it as a distinct variable with the help of de-structuring. De-structuring can also be used for various purposes, for example, it is used in the situation where a specific value will be required from a large set of data. The syntax of the destructuring object is given with curly brackets {} whereas the syntax of de-structuring arrays is square brackets [].   

Thus, it is seen that Node JS is very useful and using it extensively can simplify the works of the developers of the app development company. That is the reason why almost all developers prefer to use this type of Node JS. It is mainly employed as a server-side platform. It is very useful in the situation where the proxy infrastructure is non-existent. That means whenever a developer needs a different proxy service with many responses time then you can use Node JS. Node JS also help to collect various types of data from multiple sources. Again with the help of Node JS, you will be able to store all your images and videos in any type of third-party cloud service. Node JS is also highly used for tracking website as well as for visualizing any type of interaction in the real time.

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