6 Musts Enhance the Ecommerce Customer and Shopping Experience

The unique features such as Omnipresence, Mass appeal, Universal standards, Personalization, Richness, Interaction, and Information Depth have led to the dissemination of eCommerce and digital technology across the globe. But.. well, apologies to use the word “but” but if you happen to own an eCommerce store, then you must have already realized how tough it is to handle it. While there is an upward graph for eCommerce, so is the number of competitors sneaking into your zone.

 Let’s just face it. Sometimes, it feels that we are just a small family store trying to get past the resplendent, shiny superstore which is situated right on the other side of the parapet. There is a tempting urge to attract the customers and get them to step in our stores, but again, what do we have as a bait that our giant neighbors don’t have?

Here is the catch. The catch lies in “feelings”. Do you sometimes feel good while browsing an eCommerce? The feeling of ease (from a brilliantly-designed user experience); the feeling of contentment (from the well-arranged products); the feeling of joy (from an engaging user interface); the feeling of being cared when you’re offered remarkable schemes and gifts. Why do you feel that way? The only reason which sounds validating to me is that the eCommerce owner wanted me to believe that I am not interacting with a machine but a shopkeeper who understands me.

Moreover, One of the best solution to increase shopping and user experience is Product Part Finder extension for Magento 2 for better product searching and usability.

A Brief List of Imperatives to Enhance the Customer and Shopping Experience:

Work On User-Interface

User interface - the point at which users and machines interact. Hence, it needs a great definition of its depth. You can add depth to it by importing some of the requisites.

  •  Beautiful and Captivating Images: As we know that images are powerful tools to attract the attention, use them as perfect alluring entities. Adding attractive and multiple images of the products would definitely prove the importance of visual search. Our brains process images much faster than texts, hence, they are preferred as important converting set-ups rather than reviews and feedbacks.

  • Constructive Product Demo: While putting images are important, the step wouldn’t necessarily propel a user to buy. Some customers like to touch and feel the essence of the products. Images might not fulfill the purpose. Adding shoppable videos and product demos might impart a great influence on customer’s buying decision. Product demo depends on the type of the products. A man looking for haberdashery would want a perfect dimension while person a seeking for the bag would want to check if certain items fit into their bags.

  • Sail on the Latest Trends: Though the concept is at early stages, I am very intrigued by the concept of 3D eCommerce store. The potential market for 3D e-commerce seems to be promising. From the interaction point of view, 3D web content along with augmented and virtual reality using wearable computers can be seen as budding technologies to prettify the user interaction.


Utilize The Power Of Personalization

There is no denial of the quote “Personalisation leads to loyalty, loyalty leads to conversion”. Personalisation not only defines the alteration in product management but it also involves managing data, offers, graphics, etc depending on the need of the client. Surveys clearly suggest that customers get frustrated when they don’t get the exact offers, which they expect a store to offer.

Here is how you can personalize your store for your customers:

1) Extract the Maximum Information: With the use of real-time analytics, registration form, emails, click records, and cart history a merchant can carve out all the important data and quickly offer a personalized scheme for its customer. Offering solutions based on the dynamic contents could be really helpful in forestalling the act of cart abandonment.

2) Make Navigation your Vital Weapon: An important reason for which a customer fails to feel personalized is due to poor navigational activity in a cumbersome website. The only way to make your store a robust system is by introducing extensions which make navigation a much-simpler activity. Make these extensions vital weapon of your store.

  • Using Dynamic Categories: As the name suggests, using extensions like AI navigation or Mega Menu would allow you to categorize the products in a well-designed manner. It gives a comforting advantage to customers by providing an efficient way to navigate through the store catalog.
  • Use Filters to Abolish Complexity: Using extensions like product filters and part finders can help a customer undergo a seamless navigation without wasting much time among a myriad of products. Part finder helps to locate the desired product in a jiffy of an instant. It makes it terribly easy for customers to discover spare parts and components in the store. You can use custom featured part finder extension developed the experts of M-connect-media, a leading sales oriented eCommerce company.
  • Spread Breadcrumbs, Don’t Let them Wander: Breadcrumb Navigation is a kind of site navigation which exactly depicts the site’s hierarchy of pages to the customers. This ensures that customers get back home, safely. Umm, I meant homepage. A store with an abundance of categories can personalize the user experience by simplifying the navigational path.


Interact Personally, Make Personalization Reach Another Level

The store owners at retail shops directly interact with its customers and I am pretty sure that you wouldn’t want your store to be called as a rigid platform. Make it as responsive as you can.

Here is how you could personalize the communication with your customers through your system:

1) Project Your Store Like A Person, Not A Machine: That is how you get hold of your eCommerce store. Make sure that your customers don’t feel that they are interacting with some lousy-programmed embedded machine, but something which understands their emotions dynamically and interacts accordingly.

    • Offer live chat: The current epoch goes to technologies like WhatsApp and Snapchat. There is no better way to directly communicate with your visitor than chat-box. It is a high time when you convert your system from a static chatbot to a dynamic chat-box. Directly addressing their issues through the chat window would make their experience intuitive. Live chat intensifies the productivity remarkably, as you can directly pilot your customers for conversion.
    • Floating marquees and notifications still catch attention: Greeting your customers and pushing them to buy something by rolling marquees on your store could boost your personal relationship. A lot of us abandon our choices at carts. You can notify the best deal, suffixed with the customer’s name.

 2) Put Arms Wide Open for Feedbacks and Reviews: Store feedbacks and product reviews have been bloodlines for long. They still are decent choices for deciding the ratings of your company. Let your users post their contents in the form of texts and visuals both. You can also let them upload the video of their unboxing experience.


Absorb Last-Minute Shockers

Last-minute shockers like shipping costs and conditional schemes could exasperate customers. You have to make their experiences a frictionless journey, by absorbing all the shockers. You can do either of the two:

  • Make Everything Visible: Make the visibility of terms and conditions at the front door so that they don’t have to get a shocker on the checkout page.
  • Do All the Goodies: You could do all goodies for them by not charging them for shipping and packaging costs.


Work On Shipping Modules

Shipping has been a major concern for any eCommerce business. Delivery on time can single-handedly attract customers as shipping is the source of instant gratification. Here is what you should do to the shipping module.

  1. Add Multiple Shipping Options: Multiple shipping options can be a great idea for enhancing the user experience. Letting your customer choose the delivery date based on their urgency would build a tremendous rapport. Same day delivery trend has architected a significant width to the eCommerce stores.
  2. Let Them Track You: Empowering your customers to track the delivery would definitely add a gem to your customer service.
  3. Give Them in-store pick-up Options: If you have your warehouse in several cities, you can offer them an option of in-store pick-up.


Don’t Shy Away From Including Multiple Payment Options

The assertiveness of a store can easily be judged by the number of payment options it offers. Adding alternative payment options and granting power to your users to filter out the best option can stop users from deserting the cart. Here is how you can manage the payment options to amplify the customer experience

  1. Read Demographics And Offer Payment Options Accordingly: Geotargeting, economic survey, and real-time analytics could help you to decide what payment options you need to set a particular location. A country which deals more in cash should have an option of “Cash on delivery” and so on.
  2. Frictionless and Guest Checkouts: Intricate checkouts and mandatory registrations can prove to be barriers to a possible conversion. Allowing customers to buy as a guest would warrant a definite conversion.
  3. Importance of Mobile Payment: M-commerce is a definite trend. To shoot straight, you can’t get over it. If you don’t have one, have one. Secure payments through mobile payments have already licensed the users to switch from desktop to mobiles.

Apart from all the mentioned flavors for improving user-experience, there are certain departments like packaging and easy return policies where you could put efforts to make your store a glorious platform.



When it comes to proffering services, there is no perfect gauge to measure what’s the best. There is no end to creativity. The only thing which ends is hunger. The moment you are satisfied with your store and services, the very moment you stop growing. The hour at which you realize the prominence of technological evolution, the very hour you start justifying your position in the market.

Do you still need more consultation for your eCommerce website development? Feel free to talk Ecommerce Expert at M-Connect Media.

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