6 Reasons Social Media Helps Small Business

Less Than Half of Small Businesses Use Social Media Daily

According to a 2017 Clutch Survey on social media and small business, 41% of small businesses share content and engage with followers multiple times per day. This means that more than HALF of small businesses are not utilizing social media daily to engage their customers and grow their business! 

6 Reasons Social Media Helps Small Business:

It's cost effective: Social media marketing costs are significantly lower than that of traditional marketing.

It's where the customers are: Social media is growing in popularity at an astounding rate. As of December 2016, Instagram had 600 million users and growing rapidly. Facebook remains the most popular social media site used by small businesses, and as of February 2017 there are nearly 2 billion active monthly Facebook users

It's where your competition is: when deciding where to buy a product or use a service, customers increasingly turn to social media for first-hand reviews. If your competition is on social media and you aren't, you are losing potential business. This is especially true of Facebook, as 90 percent of small businesses with a social media presence use Facebook (Clutch, 2017).

It gives you more control over your brand: More and more consumers are taking to social media to discuss their experiences with products and services. Do you know what your customers are saying about your company? Customers could be helping or hurting your brand and you don't even know it!

It helps you get to know your consumers: Daily, active engagement on social media allows small business owners to interact with their customers, find out what they like, don't like and want more of! These frequent points of contact allow you to fine-tune your business to fit your customers' needs real-time.

It allows you to be more responsive: The days where an unhappy (or happy) customer calls on the phone are rapidly disappearing. More and more businesses are using social media to provide real-time customer service. If you have a social media site but aren't actively engaging on it, customers could be reaching out to you and you aren't responding. You wouldn't ignore a phone call; it's just as important not to ignore social media.

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