6 Reasons Why Migrating to Odoo 11 is a Good Idea!

6 Reasons Why Migrating to Odoo 11 is a Good Idea
“All-inclusiveness” is a word that business owners of today adore! It is always a pleasure to find a business software that can help build ecommerce websites, manage customer relationships, warehouses, and inventory. And when one needs a software that fulfills all these demands; a name that often comes up is – Odoo. Since its release as an ERP in February 2005 until the launch of 11th Version in October 2017, it has offered nothing but convenience to entrepreneurs.

If you are one of the business owners willing to hire Odoo developer for building your website, make sure you get it developed in the 11th version. Even if you are working on the older version of Odoo, it is time you should consider Odoo 11 migration.

Given below are 6 reasons why you should consider Odoo 11 Migration:

1. A New Avatar

Odoo gives an enticing new avatar with every version. And with responsiveness being so important, it gives a huge reason for business owners to go for Odoo development.

2. Faster than Version 10

The Odoo team conducted a survey on around thousand users and the results proved that Odoo 11 3 times faster and simpler when it comes to usability.

3. Better Accounting Features

With Odoo Version 11, you can drive the accountancy blues away! The new version has an adaptation of local accounting packages from different countries including US, Germany, Switzerland, India, Mexico, etc.

4. Customizable CRM Modules

Odoo V11 is a great blessing for your sales staff. If you want to work on customer relationship management and sales modules seamlessly, V 11 is what you need!

5. Creative Website Builder

Website development in Odoo 11 gets more creative with its newly enhanced theme switcher, page manager and page builder. You can get in touch with professional ERP service providers and get your website developed from scratch.

6. Improved UI

Odoo 11’s user interface is better in more than one aspects. And when it comes to better UI, easy functionality is the first thing that comes to our mind.

If you are considering Odoo 11 migration, you should know that it has things in store for both; the enterprises and their end users.

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