6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Custom Website

You don't get a second chance to make a great first impression. A custom website provides the customer with the right content at the perfect time, which is critical for increasing sales. Hiring a web customization specialist ensures your business website is not just engaging, but insightful, inspiring to the core and perfect for joining the conversation and generating leads. Tailoring messages to suit customer needs can have benefits beyond sales. 

Be relevant in today's digitally evolved marketplace through a custom website to promote your business interests and serve as a virtual calling card that translates into solid ROI. Multiply profits, cash in on the Smartphone revolution, and secure a responsive website by hiring a custom web designer. Here's why your business needs a custom website to stay ahead of the curve, and leave the competition miles behind.

#1 Unique Site = More Business Credibility

Compared to custom sites, free sites lack in quality. Unimpressive online representation of a product or service is unlikely to translate into profits offline. With a professional looking site on the scene, the run-of-the-mill templates cannot hope to stand out. Just as every business is unique, website design too needs to reflect this. It demonstrates credibility and paves the way for online reputation management.

#2 Offers Better Scope for Scaling Solutions and Improvisations

Your custom website scales with your company's growth trajectory. Proper web architecture in place from the start, saves money in the long run. Avoid a cluttered template and opt for clean coding with a website that is tailor made to suit the unique needs and preferences of your customer. Make your website and your brand narratives powerful as you go along, building a story that appeals to customers and enables them to identity with your brand.

#3 Optimized for better SEO and user experience

Designed keeping corporate brand identity and a target audience in mind, custom design websites score high on search engine optimization. Templates limit the content even as the generic design may not do justice to the content, or the theme design has to be modified to retain content. This can create many hurdles such as excessive time spent in programming and designing a site and an end result that does not justify the effort made. A customized website has a theme that matches the content and unique layout and graphics will resonate with customers, delivering more positive user experiences and better SEO ranking.

#4 Paves the Way for Brand Equity

Custom website designs go a long way in powering brand equity, promoting instant recall and recognition and prompting customers to trust your products and services. Your brand identity is important and your website plays a crucial role in influencing awareness among customers and prospects alike.

Starting from a blank canvas and personalizing content, a custom site captures the attention of the audience and harnesses innovation to provide a deeper insights into company vision. USP of custom websites are their eye-catching graphics and appealing content.

#5 Faster Website load time

As they come with fewer plugins, modules or extensions, custom designs are estimated to load up to 200 percent times faster than template or theme designs. In a fixed template, theme designers install excessive number of plugins to target wide and varied business styles. A custom design offers the functionality and features as well as the technologies needed for the client's specific company, not 100 other different types of businesses that have no relevance for the design process.  Quicker loading time means more engaged clients, because a superior website that scores on functionality evokes a positive response and is associated with a reputed brand.

#6 Powering Memorable Content & Eternal Brands

A uniquely customized website shows you care about your brand. Memorable user experience, unforgettable content and great business opportunities are the hallmarks of web customization. Work towards thriving, not just surviving in the competitive corporate ecosystem. An SEO friendly CMS, according to research findings at a 2016 Adobe Conference, resulted in a 307% increase in organic traffic and  287% rise in first page rankings!

Custom sites are not just SEO friendly, they rank well on other parameters such as loading time, which can influence conversion, referral and repeat purchases in a massive way. So, put together a brand identity that reflects how unique your business is, and the enormous value addition you are making to the wider market, through a custom website design. Make a great first impression, and achieve lasting brand value, through unique and original design forming the core of web customization.  

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Comment by Nina Porter on October 18, 2017 at 8:43am

Good job. Wish you success and further self-development. 

Comment by Ashley Summer on April 20, 2019 at 11:53am

In this degital era no business can survive without having a website. When it comes to building websites, I am a huge fan of Wordpress. It can be adapted and added to as your business grows and is pretty straightforward to get up and running. It can also look fantastic! You can incorporate most features. If you want an easier way to go, read this http://www.webbuildersguide.com/website-builder-articles/best-ecomm...


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