6 Simple Tricks to Make Your Content Sweat It Out

'Content is King', a wise marketer once said. It’s clichéd, but you can’t help saying it when it’s pervasive.

Have you ever thought about how it comes to be so? Can any content really work for your business? If that were the case, all businesses would be performing spectacularly.

Sadly enough, things just don't come that easy. With content marketing, you have to put in some hard work. Some careful planning and effort on your part can have your content do everything you want for you. There are some simple tricks to make sure your content works for your business. For these tips to work, however, you have to be smart enough to know where to draw the line.

Here is how you can use content marketing to shape the success of your business!

Quality is Most Important

There is no substitute for quality when it comes to content marketing. You will see that if you have poorly written content, you may find it extremely difficult to market it. And it will do more damage than good.

Who would like to read poorly crafted content that has no value or anything interesting to offer? Before you start marketing your content, make a plan and hire professionals who know what they are writing about.

Neil Mody feels that you need to get very serious about creating a trusted editorial.

Use Media Judiciously

Just because marketing gurus feel videos can make a definitive impact on your content, it does not mean that you should use videos and multimedia in every piece of content you create.

While videos do make things interesting, they simply cannot replace engaging, relevant and informative content. Set clear and measurable goals with each piece of content you create. This will help you better decide whether media is something you want or not.

Take Your Content Apart

Thumb rule of readability that content works better when you take it apart. Instead of lengthy white papers and policy documents, try and break your content down into smaller portions. This helps in ensuring that your content remains interesting and easy to read.

A series of articles on a particular topic may engage your audiences better than a single commentary, which reads more like a monologue. Adding head points to every paragraph makes it easy for the readers to get the hang of the content. It also helps the readers who just skim over the content to find only what they are interested in knowing.

Create Positive Themes

Intellectually challenging content with positive themes is more likely to go viral. Since the ultimate aim of content marketing is to reach more people than you would reach with your usual marketing tactics, creating vitality should be your goal. A study published in NYTimes, reveals the various aspects of a piece of content, which makes it viral.

Content with practical, usable, and understandable information is more likely to be circulated more widely than content, which is bland or written just for the sake of creating some content.

Avoid Sounding Too Technical

Elizabeth Newton, Stanford University graduate student in psychology feels that most of us are burdened with the curse of knowledge. If you really want your content to land with punch you have to avoid what is known as ‘the curse of knowledge”. .

Unfortunately for us, we often unload this knowledge as is onto our audiences. Do not forget that your audience consists of people who probably have no technical information, inclination, or patience to read jargon.

This does not, however, mean that they are not smart enough. The thing to do is to keep your content simple so that it is relatable. If you try to sound too smart, you will probably end up destroying your own case.

Keep Creating New Content

Be regular in your content creation efforts. The Internet is full of ghostly blogs and websites that have not been updated in months or even years. If you think you can get away with updating your content every few months, your website would be headed to the content graveyard. It is important to keep refreshing your content and adding that which is more current, relevant and insightful.

Forget this and send your content plans to doom.


Nothing could be better than making your content work for you while you concentrate on other things critical for your business.

Wouldn't you like it when your content sweats it out and brings you business? Unfortunately, most content creators do not recognize how easy it is to fall into the trap of mediocrity and lose such an interesting and great opportunity. All you really need is some planning and guidance on how to create content that speaks directly to your audiences.

Have that and it would be your content that rules.

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