6 Tips for Hiring the Best Talent in Your Organization

Finding and hiring the right employee is a demanding affair, and hiring the wrong individual is costly and time-consuming to your business. On the other hand, finding the right employee will give you excellent employment relationships and employee productivity. It will also improve your work culture and offer you high employee morale, and you will accomplish even the most challenging goals in your business. Here are excellent ideas to help you hire the best candidates for your business.


1. Plan ahead


As a business, you may be eager to surround yourself with talent, but don’t get ahead of yourself in the hiring process. Instead of making your hiring decisions based on competitive staffing methods and industry trends, take the time to lay out a plan for your budget allocations and long-term strategy. You can also seek for recruitment process outsourcing from a reputable company to help you in your hiring process.


2. Define your ideal candidate


For you to find and hire the best candidate, first you need to know exactly what you want. Study the brightest and best in your firm and understand what qualities set them apart from the rest of the employees. Determine which talents, education, skills and experience your employees need to succeed in your business setting. Only after taking this step can you set up job postings and a targeted hiring process that can locate these ideal candidates.


3. Write great job descriptions


Unless you are keen, the way you write your job posting can discourage excellent candidates from applying. Many firms write extensive descriptions with huge lists of requirements and responsibilities, but reports show this can alienate qualified candidates. According to studies carried out in the US and Canada, instead of taking the “Demands-Abilities” approach which concentrates on what the firm expects from its employees, switch to the “Needs-Supplies” approach that concentrates on what the business can offer the candidate. Thus, you should include statements such as “We seek to give our employees productive feedback to enhance their career growth,” or “You will get great opportunities to interact with talented individuals.” This means, focus more on what your firm can offer its potential candidates.


4. Embrace social media and digital trends


Most talented people would like to work with firms that keep up with the latest technological trends. According to a study by Deloitte and MIT, most people aged between 22 and 60 would like to work for organizations that are digitally enabled. This means organizations need to stay ahead of the pack to attract and retain employees.


Another excellent way to embrace the digital era is to ensure your career website is mobile-friendly. In a 2015 Pew Research Center survey, approximately a third of American adults use smartphones and other mobile devices for their job search including creating a cover letter or resume, filling online job applications, and browsing job listings.


5. Test real skills, not credentials


While carrying out interviews, it is easy to get lost in the credentials to validate a candidate’s abilities. Although it is vital to discuss the candidate’s experience and resume, their credentials may not have helped them to acquire the transferable skills you are interested in. So, test real skills during the screening process for candidates you don’t know and give them a one-hour assignment to accomplish. This can range from a sales email for a marketing position or a simple development task for a tech job. Doing this will help weed out candidates lacking the necessary skills you require.


6. Check the social media profiles


If you are like the majority of employers, you may carry out a background check or a quick Google search on your candidates to find out what comes up about the individual online. Looking through the person’s social media profile may help you know more about the person as an employee and as a person. Although it is risky to let a person’s social media activity determine your hiring decisions, it will help you know the person you want to hire. It can assist you in assessing the person’s skills, especially if the person has a professional portfolio or has written blog posts.


Hiring the right person is not a very easy task. However, you can make the hiring process smooth by proper planning, specifying your ideal candidate, writing great job descriptions, and testing real skills.


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