6 Ways How The Richest Bloggers In The World Make Money

If you are unhappy with the traditional ways to make money from blogs (such as Google AdSense and affiliate links) and are looking for new monetization strategies, check no further. You will find below the latest strategies used by the best and richest bloggers in the world, so you can adapt them and stop putting money from your pocket in your blog from now on.

Some of them will demand plenty of work, others will require some kind of investment, but rest assured that they will pay off in the end. So let’s get it started.

1 - Ads Boards

If you have a decent traffic, a good way to make money is to add a board and sell ads to your audience so that they can promote products, services, jobs, or anything else related to your content. You can define formats (so your design won’t turn into a disaster), and you will need to offer a way for them to pay for it, such as PayPal and credit cards. But if your blog is popular enough, and if you keep your prices reasonable, it can bring great results to you.

2 - Sponsored Content

You can also allow companies to send you some content ready to be published in your blog – and pay for it. This is what is called sponsored content, and you probably have seen it in many reputable websites and blogs nowadays. This is one of the best ways to increase your revenue, as all that you have to do it is to post it. The only thing you need to be attentive to is to label the paid content correctly and visible so you won’t be accused by your visitors of trying to mislead them.

3 - Mobile Advertising

One of the best marketing’s pieces of advice is always to try to be among the first ones to explore a new market. It usually raises the possibility of higher profits with lower monetary investment due to the limited competition. And Mobile Advertising is, currently, a new thing for blog monetization, so you should do your best to join the party right now.

The downside of it is that you will have to develop an app for it. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated, it can be just an extra resource to search your content, for instance. Then, you can sign for one of the in-app advertising services, such as AdMob, Millenial Media, or Adfonic. The good news is that, as you know, a huge amount of internet traffic comes from mobiles nowadays – just check your Google Analytics’s stats -, so you are bound to be successful.

4 - Online Store

Another great monetization suggestion is to create an online store and sell products on your blog. It can be your own merchandising (if you have a strong brand), or it can be products or services from partners or companies that are interested in meeting your audience. And If you are concerned about the security and payment system that you will need to have behind it, you can also use eBay or Shopify for it.

5 - Paid reviews

You already are in the review business, so why not get paid for it? Many companies will be happy to pay you to analyze and write online your opinion about their products if your traffic is good. The only thing that you will need to do it to label your paid reviews clearly, so they won’t ruin your reputation. And make sure that the same level of information and criticism that you offer to the unpaid reviews will be used to them.

6 - Gated content or paywall

If you think that your content worthies it, you should consider gating some of it and asking your visitors to pay to access it. Of course, what you are selling will have to be exciting enough, and you will have to spend some time creating an engaging campaign for it. But this is a proven way to make money from your blog, so you should give it a try.

And another digital marketing trend, if you want to go Pro, is to create an e-book, a course, a podcast, or anything else that won’t directly interfere on your blog, but that can be sold. Feeling bold? Then gate all your content and transform it into a paywall, accessible only trough subscriptions.

To Sum Up

As you can see, there isn’t an easy way to monetize a blog, but this is what any business is about anyway. And the best thing about the ideas above is that they can take some time or money to set them up, but, once you have done it, they take their own course.

So evaluate your blog, networking/contacts, audience, and traffic so to figure out which strategies would work best for you. And don’t be concerned if something doesn’t seem right in the beginning, as some of them might take a bit longer to bring results. Be persistent, and soon you will be joining the list of richest bloggers in the world.

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