6 Workplace Gadgets for More Satisfied Employees

At a workplace, it's more about the right people than anything else. Still, certain material things can really make a difference when it comes to productivity. There are workplace gadgets that will truly make your employees' work easier and simpler.

1. Desk extension pad armrest

May sound ridiculous, but this little item can really help your employees. The pain in joints is a common thing, especially if your employees spend a lot of time typing at their computers. This gadget helps them adjust their arms to a height that fits them perfectly. It will prevent the pain, and also increase typing speed. In the long run, this will be beneficial to both your employees and your business.

2. Wireless ceiling charger

This gadget is as practical as it is cool. Only a decade ago, this idea would sound like something from a sci-fi movie. Today, it's possible to have this installed in a workplace. The secret is in smart antenna technology which is able to charge any phone or tablet that's in a ten-meter range. It's most effective to install it above a large meeting desk or anywhere where there are more employees gathered.

3. Voice command lamps

Voice command lamps are not a novelty, but now they are much more advanced than understanding a simple command to turn on and off. With modern voice command lamps, you are able to change the intensity of the light but also its position. Some of them even have integrated cameras so that they can adjust the lighting according to the available light in the room. Some of them can also memorize your preferences, saving you time so that you can start working earlier.

4. Personal tablets

The hardware system of your company needs to be efficient in order to make your employees' job easier. Of course, everybody is expected to have a laptop and desktop setups in their workplace, but it's a completely different thing if you get each of your employees a personal tablet. The thing you need to have in mind that these tablets should fit your budget but are also able to run all the tools available in your company. This is not something you should decide without a professional assistance. Company owners frequently seek guidance from retailers like Personal Digital in order to choose the right brand and right model for their employees and the company. Personal tablets will make employees' job easier, as they are free to take them home and do some part of work when it suits them.

5. Portable 3D projector

Inefficient meetings are one of the biggest issues of many companies. Even though a certain number of meetings don’t have to be actually held, there will be instances when you simply can't send something over the email. Having a portable 3D projector allows you and your employees to have a meeting wherever you are and at any time. You will be able to set everything up for the meeting in under one minute. Besides the time you will save, you will also break the monotony of meetings that usually held at the same place.

6. Stress-reducing wristbands

There are several gadgets on the market already that reduce stress, but some are more effective than others. The newest product is a stress-reducing wristband. It is an improved version because it helps you exactly when you need it. In other words, this wristband can tell when your heart rate is increased, meaning it can tell you are under stress because it can measure pulse on your wrist. Once it feels the change in your pulse, it will automatically start a rhythmic vibration. This vibration helps your body calm down. You can also set your preferences that work best for you. If you think the newest version is too much for your budget, you can try getting the previous model.

All in all

Workplace gadgets don't exist just to look cool in the office and to impress clients. They are a very useful tool in helping your employees increase their productivity, reduce stress and discomfort and make their working environment more fun. Pick out one or two items for starters and you'll see after some time that there are positive effects on your employees.

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