7 Crucial Reasons Your Business Needs a Professional Website

There are reasons why small business owners will think they might not need a website, they just depend on social media, they find websites are expensive to run or even their trade doesn’t need an online presence. The truth is that every business can benefit from having a website to support their targets and enhance their client's experience. Here are 7 reasons why your business needs a website, you should find that at least a few areas will positively impact your business.                                                                    


A website is the backbone of a business and offers reassurance to the customers, most generations now research product or service solutions online. If you don’t have a website it’s likely that your potential clients will go elsewhere with their business, having a website shows your business is professional and its advertising your credibility.

designing a website will cost to have it done professionally, but it gives the viewers assurance that your website is a legitimate place of business and they will want to further their contact with you. Creating a free website or trying to have a presence online through social media isn’t enough, most people can do these options and if anyone can do it, it offers no confidence for the client, if it doesn't look professional people won't think it is.

Saves Money

The initial cost to create a website might be off-putting, but over time the website will pay for itself. Compared to the traditional means of advertising such as billboards, T.V. adverts, the radio and newspapers it would be a fraction of the price, changing where you invest your money in advertising may help in the long run.

Using WordPress is the best option if you’re on a low budget, you can maintain and update the site yourself and it will remove having to pay continual charges to web developers. WordPress gives you the professional approach without needing to know a lot about the technical aspect, they convert well onto handheld devices too, for those who don’t have the budget for mobile app development.

Consistency Form of Information

Even in its simplest form, a website can be seen as a brochure to advertise goods and services to those browsing. It can be updated at any time, and it’s much quicker to do so than other formats of press. You can use the website to update customers and potentials clients of new services or offers which will naturally entice more people to commit to business with you. The site will always be accessible, regardless of what time browsers are viewing the site is 24-7 which gives it an advantage over other outlets.

Home in on Target Market

Because the internet is accessible from anywhere, anytime, you can begin to understand who is viewing your site and change your focus to optimise the site for the right market. If the target market is 40+ people then use the correct language and format to entice their business. You can also use keywords and phrases using different online tools to better understand how to approach your desired market.

You can also widen your current market if your business mainly comes from older generations, having a website will attract younger generations to commit to your company.

Advertise and Showcase the Businesses Work

Using other mediums for advertising can only promote your business so far, having a website can demonstrate your skills and professionalism to a much higher extent. You can use videos, images and a full portfolio to showcase your work to customers, making much more tempting to collaborate in business with your company.

Social media channels are perfect to use for showcasing too, they can catch new client’s eyes as they scroll through their phones and they can further their interest by viewing the website.

Saves Time

It ties back to saving money, both are always linked to business, having a website will save you time on advertising. Commonly with small businesses, there’s a personal approach to working with clients and usually a great deal of time and care is required for repeat custom. Creating other formats of advertising takes a lot more time than website maintenance. The website can also convert timely phone calls into emails that can be handled at more suitable part of the day. The digital age had made a lot of work more manageable and is likely to save you a lot more time to focus on other aspects of the business.

Customer Service

One of the most important parts of running a business, a website will also help in answering customer queries without having to contact someone directly. The website can filter out some of the lesser queries that can be answered simply, guides on using products, prices and extended information can all be found on a website lowering the volume of phone calls and emails.

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Comment by Ashley Summer on February 15, 2018 at 5:47am

Very informative post!

No business can be successful without a website. Mine is no exception. So I'm working hard to create an effective website for my small business. At the moment I searching for proper stock photos https://www.templatemonster.com/landings/depositphotos/en/ to complement the content on my website. They have an amazing photo now!


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