The fact that e-commerce has taken over the retail market is undebatable and the effects of this can be seen in the growth of the number of e-commerce websites in the past few years. The e-commerce industry has become a perfect competition and hence newer and better ideas are developed and implemented everyday by the wires to increase and maintain their customer base. One of the major factor that contributes to the desirably consistent traffic in e-commerce websites are their web designs. One can utilise the available eCommerce website design services to create websites that will ensure a wider user-base. Listed below are some of the site design trends that are going to be predictably popular in 2018:

1. Mobile-friendly layout: It cannot be denied that the majority of e-commerce websites’ activities occur through mobile phones. Thus, it is important that the websites have a layout that is convenient to be used through phones. A smooth, hassle free page that uploads easily and is accessible on the usual screen size of a phone is what is needed by the e-commerce websites to increase their user flow. The easier a site is to use, the more people will prefer it over sites that are complicated and cluttered with information. Another way to make your website phone-friendly is to launch apps.

2. Segregation of Information: No one wants to be bombarded with information right at the onset of surfing a website. While one may think that giving the customers all the information at one go will make them surf more, it will do the exact opposite. The website should have carefully segregated information lined up in a way that makes comprehending the products easier while not leaving out any important details. The product information should be short, precise and presented in a manner that makes it look appealing. The descriptions should have just enough personal touch to make the customer feel comfortable and confident without it becoming a blatant plea to buy the product.

3. Reviews and Feedback: Customer being the king in today’s market expects to be heard and their opinions should account as a priority. While designing the website, one should ensure that the reviews and feedback of the prior customers is visible and not pushed in the background. Psychologically too, a new user will be more assured if he/she sees the positive feedback of prior users. Similarly, there should be appropriate for the customers to leave their reviews. While surfing through the website, the customer should feel important and taken care of. Pop-up help-windows can be added to get a live review/feedback and create a one-on-one relation with each user.

4. Less is More: Minimalistic websites that have enough spaces for navigation is what is preferred by customers. Shopping should be a relaxing activity and one way to ensure that your users have their much needed retail therapy is to create websites that give them a sense of calm while surfing through them. Sober colour combinations and fonts with chic descriptions of products are recommended. Avoid cluttering the web page with information, based and pictures that seem over-bearing and unnecessary. While the user should have easy access to the information, there also should be an elegant presentation that makes the customer want to browse further.

5. Focus on Pictures: While it is absolutely necessary to describe each and every product and put out all necessary details, one cannot afford to compromise on the quality of the pictures of the products being sold. The better the quality of pictures, the lesser will be the gap between conventional, across-the-counter shopping and shopping through e-commerce websites. Make sure that the product is displayed correctly and all the minute details are visible and distinct in the pictures.

6. E-commerce SEO services: With the increasing competition, it is important to have a recognisable brand visibility across your target customer and one way to do so is to use eCommerce SEO Services. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) ensures that each product has its unique description and keywords that ensure that your product and website will be visible in the top results of search engines. This optimises the brand’s online presence, thereby creating a wider user base that will be more frequently directed towards the website and the products.

7.Magento eCcommerce Website Development Services: Magento is a e-commerce platform built to ensure that the merchant is in complete control to operate, modify and control their website so as to be able to provide a smooth shopping experience to their customers. Magento makes the website use friendly by appropriate cataloguing of the information, hassle free product search features, convenient navigation, etc. It is also both mobile phone and computer friendly. This low-cost, fast developing service is the future of e-commerce.

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Comment by Ashley Summer on March 8, 2018 at 7:44am

When it comes to creating ecommerce websites, there so many options to go. Personally I have opted for the easiest way to go - I downloaded a professionally coded WordPress theme from this resource . The entire customization process took me little time and effort.


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