7 Fashion eCommerce Store Tips for Success

The fierce competition and it all boiling down to appearance, mobility and usability of your website have rendered the quest for success in the world of fashion eCommerce rather difficult to achieve. Complicated navigation is the culprit behind almost a quarter of users abandoning their shopping carts – people simply don’t have any patience for the lack of user-friendliness.

Innovation plays an essential role in the world of eCommerce – almost every brand has a different approach to the market. Here’s how an online store can reach success.

Targeting the online audience

If there’s one thing that separates the eCommerce business from the rest of the commercial bunch (and there are plenty), it’s a reputable, accessible online presence. In short, in order to achieve this, businesses have to make themselves available to those who are most likely to notice. This is done by identifying the consumer demographic characteristics, especially aiming at those who are relevant to the product in offer.

Define your niche

If your eCommerce business has a clearly outlined demographic from the very beginning, your job will be much, much easier. This way, it’s easier to keep the marketing efforts consistent and simple. Your brand’s niche is by far the most important part of starting any fashion eCommerce business. To do this, the entrepreneur in charge needs to be passionate about what they are pitching, and dedicated to the customers. Clearly defining your niche will help you develop a rock-solid branding strategy and, more importantly, a basis for a brand.

Building up the hype

As is the case with everything that’s internet-related, it’s the anticipation that sells! If done correctly, the hype build-up will evoke excitement among the future customers, and this will make for a huge difference, come the opening day. Properly building the hype, however, isn’t to be underestimated.

First of all, you need to generate content that is relevant to your demographic. Secondly, you need to take it to the social media – there is no easier way to build up hype than through social media advertising. Still, this part needs to be tasteful, informative and pitched to the right audience.

Search engine optimization

Building up the hype will all end up being in vain if your eCommerce website isn’t easy to find on Google! You cannot rely on Facebook commercials to lead the customers to your website, and even if you could, you can’t rely solely on social media users that follow your page for your revenue. SEO is essential here – a true expert will be able to optimize every single page within your site, in addition to the meta tags that supply the search engines with proper information for indexing.

It’s all about the eye-candy

Excellent photography is a vital part of every online business, especially when it comes to fashion eCommerce! Stock images are, quite blatantly put, absolutely out of the question. It takes exceptional model photography to get the internet users interested nowadays, and who can blame them, really? Telling your brand story is borderline impossible without the eye-candy to follow-through.

Always promote discounts

The fashion eCommerce business is all about discounts! People love those two-digit percentage numbers. Set the discount deadlines, and your stuff will start selling out like never before! This is no longer a trick for adapting to the market, but a really promising sales tactic!

Going mobile

You should always start with a mobile app – disregarding it means being irresponsible, especially owing to the fact that nearly 60% of searches now come from mobile devices! If 25-30% of your customers are coming from mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), you need to start considering embracing a responsive design for your website! Don’t forget about the desktop design, though, as even the mobile users usually prefer buying using their computers.

Running a fashion eCommerce store is very difficult nowadays, as the competition is huge. If you learn how to target your audience properly and build up the hype, define your niche, optimize your website, make it attractive, keep discounts in mind and pay close attention to the mobile side of things, you are likely to achieve huge success.

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