7 Main Reasons to Use MEAN Stack Web Development

MEAN is an open-source and free JavaScript software stack for creating dynamic web applications and websites. It stands for MongoDE, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js, all of which are web development tools that are well-managed and suitable for creating real-time web applications. Express is the back-end web framework, Angular is the front-end, and Node is the back-end runtime environment. As MEAN, they support the dynamic JavaScript programming language for client-side and server-side web application development. MEAN Stack web development is offered by discerning service providers who build high-quality websites. Here are important reasons on why it can be a better choice over other web development platforms:

  1. User-friendly – One of the primary reasons to use MEAN Stack web development is related to its ease of use. Its technologies are encoded in JavaScript, so this speeds up and ensures a clean web development process, resulting in quick MVP development, as well as scalability. Considering that it is an open source software stack, it is benefited by different version upgrade and developments conducted by a large developer community.
  2. Supports modern SPAs – You can build multiple frameworks linking single page applications using programming language with a full-stack platform with MEAN Stack.
  3. Cost-effectiveMEAN Stack web development may be a cost-effective solution for a large organization that wants to minimize the need to hire many different specialists to complete one project. In some cases, a full-stack JavaScript developer can already work on it. This means increased flexibility and efficiency for developers, too.
  4. Excellent performance – You only need to use a single language throughout the development process, and that is JavaScript. It is also a language that is flexible and can be applied just about anywhere, regardless of whether you are building a dynamic website or web application.
  5. Access to a large Node.js library – MEAN Stack web development means being able to explore and use any of the available tools from Node.js’s module library.
  6. Supports MVC – MEAN Stack supports model view controller architecture, the architectural pattern that is usually used for creating user interfaces, which divides the application into three interconnected aspects. This way, internal representations of information is separated from how the information is accepted from and presented to a user. 
  7. JSON for data transfer – JavaScript Object Notation lets the website download data, which is stored as variables of JavaScript, making it faster and simpler to load, manipulate, and read.

About the Company:

Canopus Infosystems is a top-notch mobile and web development company in India. We offer custom development services for iPhone app, Android app, Windows app, and website. We also offer services for data analytics, machine learning, big data, data science, blockchain development, software testing and full stack application development at reasonable pricing. We have highly experienced technical team to provide mobile & web development services.


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