Things a Business Buyer Will Pay a Premium for - Clients

In the business world, clients mean money.  Have no doubt, a buyer will pay a premium for what they perceive is more money.  A buyer will look at your clients and ascertain the value of your business to them on the basis of the average spend and longevity of your clients.  They will look to find a way to measure the loyalty of those clients.  For many small businesses the true quality of their clients is questionable for a potential buyer.  Many of us spend too much time on getting clients and not enough time on ensuring their long time longevity and spend with us.

The 5 signs of a quality client

  1. Clients must not have their primary relationship with you.  A client who relies on your personal input to keep them happy is of no value to a buyer.  When you are gone, so is the client.  So whilst in the early days it is normal and expected that your clients have their primary relationship with you, your exit strategy needs to include your plan for weaning your clients off of you and onto your systems and people (see next points).  At Liber8me we put a lot of emphasis on teaching you how to plan an exit strategy that removes client reliance on the business owner.
  2. Clients should be committed to more

Having successfully built and sold two businesses, Laura is a proven entrepreneur who now gives regular talks to business groups about creating freedom from business. Liber8me is Laura's entrepreneurial response to the need for a practical guide to creating wealth and freedom from your business. True to Laura's passion, Liber8me is the most leveraged way for her to share her experiences and ideas with as many people as possible...all of her business mentoring skills combined into one easy to access, cost effective online business mentoring programme.

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