7 tips for promoting employee productivity through workplace design

Imagine having to work in a cramped and dull room with a number of busy people all dripping sweat. Even the thought is enough to discourage, isn’t it? On the other hand, picture working at the Google headquarters in California. The glass walls, pop of color, cooling, spaciousness, and ample lighting are sure to make you want to get the creative gears in your brain moving.
That’s how the human brain is influenced by his environment. Studies show that the physical characteristics of a workspace have a huge impact on the productivity, views, and behavior of employees. The design of an office space should encourage creativity. A workspace that is well-designed can take up the productivity markers of employees by 20%. For serving this purpose, there are some tips and tricks that you should keep in mind when setting up the workplace.
To help you out, we have compiled a list. Read on to know what design factors you can install when setting up or revamping the workspace.

Make Sure the Lighting Is Correct
People need the light when they work to promote ease in viewing. A lack of proper light can, not only negatively affect one’s eyesight but it can also induce fatigue. Researchsuggests that offices should allow a substantial amount of natural light indoors as well. This can be done by means of glass walls and windows. Where natural light cannot access, blue light bulbs must be installed.

Exposure to sunlight is necessary as it aligns with humans’ innate need for connecting with nature. It helps in the workspace by making employees more alert, energetic, and productive.

Mix Up the Office Décor
No rule states that the entire workspace must be covered with the same old boring desks. Mix it up in the area by providing quite work corners, booths, and communal tables. Set up collaboration areas for the employees who need to work as a team. In this manner, private spaces and booths can be for the employees with introverted personalities.

Similarly, those who are extroverted can take up desks and tables. When office rooms are equipped in such a manner, particular types of people are able to focus better. This also helps promote creativity.

Install Acoustic Wall and Ceiling Panels
Noise has proved to be a hindrance while working time and again. Even moderate levels of noise coming in one room from another can be disturbing. They can disrupt productivity and give the office an overall vibe of too much hustle bustle. Combat this issue by installing acoustic wall panels in most rooms. You can easily get these done using coupons for office décor.

In the reception area, you can also have ceiling panels fixed so that anyone who walks in for business is not immediately distracted by the high levels of noise.

Choose the Right Color Scheme
Psychology says that colors have an influence on the way we perceive things. While their impact is not as obvious as that of the taste, they do bring about a subtle yet powerful change in our demeanor. Savvy businessmen use colors to promote various behavioral patterns. Red encourages activeness, while blue stimulates the brain and calms one down.

In the same way, green is for the promotion of balance and yellow is used for triggering creativity. You can keep the rest of your office area white and add a pop of color here and there based on the department.

Bring nature inside
Apart from allowing natural light in, you can also include a touch of plant life in the office. Workers in settings that have traits of nature, such as greenery, tend to be 6% more productive. You can have pots and plants indoors. These will not only promote a better mood, but specific indoor plants can also clean the atmosphere.

You can use wallpapers that are simple yet plant-centric too. Similarly, you can install wooden elements as well. For instance, hardwood floors can be installed. These are easier to clean and maintain. Wooden desks can be used.

Keep the office clean
Decluttering is directly proportional to destressing. Because you see, mess causes stress. Hire cleaning staff which is responsible for ensuring that not a speck of dust is left. Be strict about how employees are supposed to treat the area. Research also speaks in the favor of clean spaces. It reveals that a clean office can promote productivity.

Not only should the floors, walls, and furniture be cleaned but cleanliness should be taken care of down to the spaces between the keys of a keyboard. Cleanliness doesn’t only promote hygiene and health, but it also ensures less wastage of time.

Let employees set up their workstation
Each employee should be given the freedom to set his desk as per what inspires him. Some people feel motivated by quotes while others do by posting pictures in their private booth. This allows each individual to be as productive as possible. Just ensure to promote the habit of keeping desks and rooms decluttered.

Often employees are better able to recharge their batteries and need shorter breaks when their workstation has a homelier feel about it.
To sum up, the workplace’s physical environment is directly related to employee productivity. If you are a business’s owner make sure that your employees are comfortable. Their creativity should be encouraged. For doing so, ensure that their work areas are not noisy by installing acoustic paneling. Let sunlight in and make certain there is proper lighting in every room. Keep the overall design minimal but choose a popping color scheme. Last but not the least, give employees the freedom to decorate their workstations according to what inspires them.

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