7 Tips for Starting a Massage Therapy Business in Perth

Perth, Australia is known for high style hospitality. In short there are many lifestyle businesses that are adding a lot of good to this city. One such business is the massage therapy business. As a lifestyle practice massage therapy has been known to have so many benefits to the body including boosting immunity, improving body fluid circulation, and offering ideal stress relief etc.

If you would like to start a massage therapy business of your own in Perth, here are some ideal tips that you should really keep in mind.

1. Be Certified

It takes a full training, examination, and qualification before you can be certified as a massage therapist. You will have to enroll in a massage college to get the appropriate training and also to get certified. In Australia you are required to complete Certificate IV in Massage or a Diploma of Remedial Massage.

2. Get Aligned

Getting aligned means getting tested, tried, and further granted a professional certificate of recognition by certified massage therapy associations in Australia. There are many associations out there that you can join. They have different requirements that you must meet. The Australian Association of Massage Therapists and the Australian Traditional Medicine Society are some of the renowned outfits.

3. Get an ABN

ABN – Australian Business Number; your business must get a number of its own. The number must be duly registered with the Australian government. This will serve you as your personal recognition and reference. This is a relatively simple process that can be done online in the government portal.

4. Get a Name

To come up with business names you can explore your horizons. You should ask loved ones, look through ideal suggestions but remember this is a lifestyle practice and so the name plays a great role. The name should be attractive and really admirable for you yet to be customers. Once you have a unique name, carry out a search, and finally register your business name officially.

5. Tap Health Funds

Many people in Australia who want massage therapy services are registered with health funds. Therefore you should also register with as many health funds as possible. This will allow you to tap into greater market share and to remain quite relevant with your massage services and strategy.

6. Have Some Time

Have some time to market your business. Make your business a household name. Let people expect you. You should build a website, join the social media platform, and go old school with cheap fliers and business cards among other things. This will be really ideal in creating awareness. This is good for established Perth Thai massage businesses too.

7. Find a Space

This is the final touch. Find a location and set up your massage spa. You can lease, rent, or build your own place. Make sure it is safe, flexible, and easy to access location with enough parking.

If you are interested in massage therapy in Perth, the best way to go is to start a business of your own. These simple tips will be really helpful and specifically very important to keep in mind. 

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