7 Trends that Will Shape the Future of Mobile App Development

Smartphones have become the most relevant piece of technology worldwide. Be it people getting hooked to apps, or integrating their phone with other tech, not in a very distant future smartphone will not only take over, but replace most of the other screened gadgets. Reflecting on this very underlying progress is the fact that there are 2.32 billion smartphone users in the world, as of 2017.

Riding on this wave of smartphone’s acceptance, is the world of app development. Much like software development stormed the world with new age tech, app development actually offers even greater possibilities. This is because people love spending time on apps and their interaction with mobile apps is much more than the same with computer software.

With over 270 billion app downloads by 2017, it is for sure that mobile apps will shape the future of how we interact with and use smartphone technology. With the change in smartphones, the smartphone apps have leveled up as well.And this level seems to go beyond the imagination of most of the people, as smartphone app developers extend their reach with the following technological innovations:

  • 1. Augmented & Virtual Reality:

  • 2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:

  • 3. Cloud driven mobile apps:

  • 4. Internet of Things:

  • 5. Wearables:

  • 6. Beacons and Location based services:

  • 7. M-Commerce:

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