8 effective ways to become a successful digital marketer

Online businesses are growing, and new companies are setting up shop almost every day. Amidst such big competition, a company needs quite a bit of skill in digital marketing to stay relevant. If you’re a proficient digital marketer, you can create a profitable brand, leave an impression on your customer’s mind and so much more.

More people are becoming aware of the importance of digital marketing, and the considerable prospect has led to several people thinking about being a digital marketer. However, to shine in this industry where the competition keeps growing, you need to be highly skilled and experienced. Here are the eight practical ways to become a successful digital marketer

1.     Learn to leverage data

Digital marketing can often be seen to be quite stylish, but the fact is, it is more data-driven and technical than we would care to admit. So, to be a successful digital marketer, you need to learn how to leverage the available data. For instance, you can leverage data to target and uncover your most valuable client segments, and it can help you measure progress towards your goals and define strategic objectives while providing a data-driven framework, structured testing, and statistical modeling along the way.

2.     Stay updated

To be a better digital marketing expert, you need to be on top of the industry news by following influential people on social media and significant digital marketing websites. As the big players such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google regularly fine-tune their algorithms and advertising channels, you might be left behind if you don’t stay updated on the latest changes. For instance, you can follow SEOGadget, Moz, Search Engine to stay updated on what is going on in the SEO industry. And Social Media Today and Social Media Examiner are perfect for social media trends.

3.     Get involved in paid social advertising

Social media platforms are ever-evolving and social media platforms like Facebook now have so much useful data that they can sell back to you. In fact, research shows that in 2016, social ad spending reached $25 billion, with Facebook getting a huge percentage. Facebook is winning because it has a great social ad that can be effective due to the platform focused targeting. You can make yourself a better digital marketing expert by improving your social skills. You can start by learning more about how to personalize your target audiences and granular targeting, and have an in-depth understanding of Facebook insights.

4.     Get the most out of email marketing

Social media is an excellent tool for brand engagement and awareness, but your most committed and loyal customers want to keep in touch through email. An email has become a useful marketing tool that delivers impressive results. List segmentation and analyzing metrics like open and clickthrough and bounce rates are potent tools that are usually undervalued. The outcome is that a lot of businesses and marketers come up short, so you can benefit from email marketing by being the expert.

5.     Build your personal brand

Companies will always prefer to hire a digital marketer who has made a name for him/her self. So, if you fancy yourself as a digital marketing expert and don’t have a visible online presence, you still have a long way to go. If you want to prove to a potential employer that you can be a valuable digital marketing expert, then you need to show them that you have built your own personal brand.

6.     Practice continuous learning

Investing in digital marketing resources can help you become an exceptional digital marketing expert with an in-demand skill set. The digital marketing industry is continually evolving, and so should your knowledge of digital marketing.

A career in digital marketing allows you to take advantage of several training sessions. You are more likely to follow through with a certification or course if it’s an area you are interested in. Continuous learning in digital marketing requires a time commitment, but there are several microlearning opportunities you can embrace as well.

7.     Connect with like-minded individuals 

Your primary task as a digital marketer is to develop communities online. Whether it’s for a global organization or your personal brand, a community can either make or break a business. So, it is essential to be actively involved with like-minded digital marketers. Active digital marketing communities, either offline or online, can help you identify the importance of your digital marketing practices and how they can fit with your business.

There, you can ask a question about an area of digital marketing that is confusing or you can communicate with like-minded individuals about your frustrations, you can gain the confidence you need to push yourself to learn and try new processes and strategies.

8.     Become a better content marketer

One of the best ways to improve your digital marketing skills is to create content. Content is the basis of all digital marketing, and when it is done well, you will see an increase in consumer engagement, leads, and sales. Talking and writing about digital marketing will help you refine your concepts, and you are sure to do research that will give you new ideas as well. However, great content isn’t always easy to create.

Start with maintaining a personal blog or writing articles for your business. You can also host on a digital marketing podcast and post your content on social media platforms to engage with others. Also look for the opportunity to expand, repurpose, or condense content.


Today, digital marketing covers managing and shining at several different platforms, touchpoints, and advertising trends including Google Adwords and social advertising. As a digital marketing expert, you are at the intersection of the customer and the brand. In order to become a successful marketer, you must be entrepreneurial across the board – you must not only be strategic in your thinking but also develop an exclusive skill set.


Go beyond your limit, and utilize all the methods discussed above and you’ll become a successful digital marketer in no time.

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