8 Features to Look for in an Online Photo Book Design Software

Photograph books can transform your client’s vacation’s cheerful snaps into an expert looking, coffee table quality printed book, conveniently sent to their home. The thought is a cutting-edge take against the conventional photograph collection yet exhibited and printed as expert quality hardcover (or softcover) book. If you’re into a print business and are thinking of starting photobook designing, you would need a reliable photo book builder software. However, in this world of ever-increasing technological trends, it is more than just difficult to select the best Web 2 Print software for designing a photobook. In this article, we have covered, which features you should look for when selecting the most apt online photo album design software.

Features to Look for in A Photo Album Maker Software

1. Editable Templates

Often while searching for a template that would go best with the particular photo, you would come across one that would look good, but something would seem to be missing. The other template would also not suffice for the missing piece of the puzzle. In such cases, it is natural to feel that it would have been a good idea to be able to edit those templates. There are a few photo album book software that allow you to edit templates according to your needs.  

2. Margins and Controls


Instead of fixed margins, look for a software that offers a control over back and front cover settings along with cutting and bleeding margins. This would help you make a personalized photobook that your clients would love to own.

 3. Photo Editing Features

There are photo book design software that also allow you to crop, resize, and edit images according to your will, and also let you download photos from various social media platforms. The uncommon characteristic in these is that they would give you a notification in case you’re downloading or editing an image of lesser resolution that printable resolution. This would keep a check on your work and you would end up saving some time figuring out the resolutions of images.

4. Cost

The cost of your photobook will differ, contingent upon various factors, for example, the size and style of your book, the quantity of pages and any exceptional choices you've included. Be careful about the conveyance costs you would ask for from your client, as they can add considerably to the general cost of the undertaking. The cost can likewise differ on reorders on the off chance that you alter the quantity of pages or the paper/cover choices. Make a good cost chart carefully covering the design software charges, and also keeping it affordable for your clients, at the same time.

 5. Template Creation


Look for an online photo album printing software that offers template creation as well. Unlike the feature that allows you to edit an existing template, this would assist you in making one out of your own imagination. This would add to the uniqueness your photobook has to offer to your clients.

 6. Defining Cover


You can undoubtedly characterize the book cover, you can configure a book with and without cover by tapping on single click, with the help of an excellent photobook design software. Look for the one that suits your photobook orders the most.

 7. Background Options


A photobook design software that offers a huge collection of background options should be the most suitable for your print business, owing to the fact that you would never run out of options. Let your customers fill the pages of their photobook with their unique stories on this beautiful background that you chose to put there.

 8. Pricing Calculations


A good photo album creation software is one in which there is an option to calculate automatically the final price details according to the number of pages, paper quality, cover selected, photo quality, etc. this would save you the time to work upon the final price of your photobook. Since these are computerized calculations, you can be sure that they would be authentic.



Photobook service providers by and large don't simply restrain themselves to photograph books. Most offer a scope of different items including customized schedules, stationary, cards and photograph prints on numerous materials, for example, canvas, metal and even glass. When you’re looking for the right service provider, make sure to run a thorough background check on the services they offer. Look for their clientele and ask for references before finalizing your photo book maker software. A good photobook would keep your clients happy and keep them coming back for more. Once selected, make it a point to learn about all its features from the service provider so that you are able to exploit all of its benefits without leaving out anything untouched. This would end up saving your time and helping you create a beautiful photobook.

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