Every year, we get new trends in SEO that every SEO expert needs to work with so that search results will go in their website’s favor. If you are not an expert in SEO, it is best that you go for SEO services in Seattle so that you will not be making mistakes. But if you want to learn SEO and how to utilize its trends then you can get a head start in 2019 by knowing these trends.

Voice Search

The first trend is the revolution of voice search. This trend will stay for a long time as these are useful and convenient for people who have AI assistants like Siri, Alexa, Cortana, among others. To properly take advantage of this trend, focus on the optimization of conversational keywords, and voice searches. Another way is to study the uses of artificial intelligence and its algorithms of learning the users’ preferences.

Video Keywords

The second trend is researching keywords from videos. If you are a video creator and want to use SEO to gain popularity in your content and videos, you have to use keywords. Recently, content creators always use hashtags in their descriptions of their videos to gain awareness of their new videos.

Mobile Usage

In the near future, more users will be relying on their mobile phones to do quick searches and browsing. So to utilize this trend, it is important to create a mobile website that is user-friendly and easy to navigate user-interface that is targeted at mobile users.

More Quality Content

Users always seek quality posts and content that they can trust and rely on for information and education. You cannot use keyword stuffing and cloaked content to get up in the ranks. So always develop your content and have it be entertaining, inspiring, and uniquely educating for your users.

Secure Websites

As more people rely on the web, the higher the chances they have on being hacked by outside entities by gaining access to suspicious websites. So it is essential that your website is safe and secure as well as legitimate by being SSL certified and having your links with https. This is so that your users will feel safe and they know that your website can be trusted.

Great User Experiences

If you designed a site that will make the user have difficulties in navigating your site, they will not be happy to enter your site and may just close the tab of their browser. So it is important that your internal linking is effective for website visitors and design good site navigation.

Influencer Marketing

Having influencers endorse your website is a good way to gain reputation and potential customers. These influencers have maintained their following and convincing them to endorse you will earn you recognition and valuable backlinks. These influencers are like brand ambassadors and they will endorse your website and highlight your services and products.

AI Usage

It is inevitable that artificial intelligence will be a part of our lives, even in SEO. There are algorithms that search engines use to track down deviant websites and filter those contents to push the websites that have good quality content to the first page of the search results.

Those are the SEO trends that you need to keep an eye on when 2019 comes in. If you are still confused about SEO, take time to learn and get advice from those who do SEO services in Seattle.

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