8 Things to Consider When Relocating Your Office

It’s not exaggerating to say that our office is our second home. We spend eight hours a day there, five days a week. Sometimes we work during weekends or have to stay late at the office. We get used to the color of the walls, the furniture, paintings, well… everything that makes our office space familiar and comforting. So, with that in mind, renovations can be pretty serious endeavors, costing us time and money, even our nerves and patience. But it doesn't have to be that way. If well thought out, office space renovation can be as painless as possible, even fun.

Good organization is the key

There are several things to consider before starting the renovations. Whether or not you’re doing small renovations, or you’re going for exterior and interior remodeling on a large scale, this kind of work requires good planning on your part. Put on paper everything you think needs to be done, no matter how big and demanding. Then take a look at your office space, and try to be realistic when reviewing your list. Sometimes, the excitement of new possibilities makes us rush into things and not be more careful about what we actually need.

Know your budget

This is the most important item on your organization sheet since the budget at your disposal will establish the quality and range of works to be done. If you don’t have enough money to do a full renovation, think about doing the most logical things first. For instance, if you have to change the electrical wiring, it wouldn’t be prudent to paint the walls first since all that will be destroyed when the electrician starts his work.

Check the real estate market

For informative purposes, check with the real estate agent what the worth of the property would be after renovations whether it regards leasing or selling it. It is good to know the worth of property before and after, just to make sure that you’re not going overboard with renovations.

Get several construction offers

Don’t choose the first contractor that comes your way - find several. Ask them to bring you their portfolios, recommendations from their clients and offers. This is not a matter of choosing the cheapest construction company, but rather the one that will do the job best for the offered price. 

Find temporary office space

Since renovations will probably restrict conducting business on the premises if not disable it completely, you will have to find new, temporary space to relocate the office staff and necessary equipment. This is an extra expense, and you should choose the working space which is appropriate for your business and corresponds to the time you’ll have to spend there.

Determine what stays and what goes

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Think about donating unwanted furniture to charity, but if your furniture is too far gone, then make sure it is disposed of properly. Also, if you’re planning to keep some of the furniture, it would be wise to put it somewhere where it won’t be damaged. Nowadays, there’re a lot of options for furniture storage, and all you need to do is have it taken away before the works start.

Go green

Why not think ahead, not only for yourself but for mankind, too? Nowadays, it’s all about preserving the environment and sustainable use of resources we have at our disposal. Green construction will provide your office with its own power and water source through solar panels and recycling. This is cost-effective in the long run, not to mention beneficial to your own and your employees’ health.

Make a contingency plan

Of course, something can go wrong, thus prolonging the construction period and requiring more money. That’s why you should have a plan B along with the secondary budget, should the occasion arise. If not, consider that money a good saving for some new decoration or a party for the new office’s debut. 

To sum it up

No matter if you want to make just a few changes like new tiles in the kitchen or a big one, such as a full makeover of the waiting area, renovation shouldn’t be something that will drain you emotionally and financially and affect your business along the way. So try abiding by these simple tips, and you’ll enjoy picking out the drapes soon enough.  

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