8 Tips for Launching Your Own Networking Event

Tired of attending other people's networking events to make new business connections? Creating industry events under your business name is a great way to make connections. Planning the event allows you to set the theme, agenda, and selection of expert speakers, as well as establish yourself as an industry leader! Here are some ideas to consider: 

Networking Tips for A New Event

Find a local hotspot to host your event to help create buzz and draw people to attend

Use a press release to promote your event

Create a free Facebook event page so people can easily share about your event

Make sure the locale is easy to get to for your target audience - is it close to public transportation? Does it have ample parking?

Book an interesting speaker or featured guest to share cutting-edge industry information attendees won't want to miss

Send emails to entice people to attend, with subject lines that create curiosity, like "10 things you don't want to miss at this event!"

Create a good balance of socializing and business talk by engaging attendees with a game, like Speed Networking, where guests divide into smaller groups or pairs and each has 3-5 minutes to speak about their business before switching speakers or partners.  

Make conversation easier with customized nametags to build in conversation-starters, like “I’m looking for” and “Ask me about,” which provide simple conversational prompts

Bonus Tip: Enjoy Launching Your Networking Event

Just about everyone feels intimidated to some degree by networking so don't let feeling nervous or awkward stop you! The idea is to create an event that is fun AND rewarding, promotes your brand and makes your company a thought leader in your industry!

Want to incorporate an event into your marketing strategy? 

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