9 Best Social Media Tools to Accelerate Your Social Media Success in 2019

Social Media is a prodigious place where brands of all sizes are constantly trying to connect with their target audience effectively. However, reaching out a wider audience is not an easy task for these brands and their social media managers. Especially, when there are so much competition and noise in almost all social media channels out there.

The only way to consistently achieve the best outputs of your social media efforts is with the use of social media tools. However, this can be overwhelming at times if you don’t know the right tools that deliver the results and fit into your budget.

Thus, how do you know which social media management tools to choose from?

We have made your job easier by curating 9 best social media tools that have powerful features to bring you some outstanding results in 2019 and onward. These 9 tools will assist you in creating or curating social media contents, assigning an actionable posting schedule, making engagements with your social media communities, and generating comprehensive data insights and many more.

Let's dive deep into the ocean.

#1 Buffer

Buffer is an easy-to-use yet powerful social media management tool that streamlines your mundane and tedious social media activities efficiently. It is one of the most used tools by the social media agencies and marketers.

If you want to manage all your social media posts in one place, Buffer is one of the best solutions for you. It has social post scheduling, post customization, and reporting features. The best part is it works like a breeze with almost all major social media channels.


  • Social post scheduling
  • Browser extension
  • Image creator
  • Video uploader
  • RSS feed
  • Posting calendar
  • Basic and advanced reporting


  • Elegant and easy-to-use intuitive product design
  • Multiple plans to choose from
  • RSS feed post


  • Buffer doesn’t let you do any influencer search

Pricing: $15 to $399 monthly plans. Buffer has a forever-free plan with limited features.

#2 Hootsuite

Hootsuite is another great social media management tool that offers exciting features to its users. Over 16 million social media marketers and agencies trust Hootsuite to manage their social media accounts effortlessly.

Same like Buffer, Hootsuite lets you manage all your social media accounts in one place. Besides, Hootsuite has multiple inbuilt features that enable its users to plan, create, schedule, organize, and deliver their social contents across various social media channels.


  • Social post scheduling
  • Content curation including image
  • RSS feed post
  • Social monitoring
  • Team management
  • Data analytics


  • Bulk scheduling feature
  • Social contests
  • RSS feed post
  • Hootsuite Academy courses


  • Doesn’t have a social inbox facility
  • Doesn’t provide the influencer search feature

Pricing: $19 to $599 monthly plans. However, Hootsuite has a free plan that accepts 3 social profiles, 2 RSS feed integrations, and permits 30 scheduled posts.

#3 Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an extremely powerful social media management solution that lets you manage your Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus accounts in one place. Sprout Social is mostly used by the social media agencies because of its great team management and multi-level account features.

Sprout Social has a social inbox feature that makes your social communications on-time, centralized and effective. Besides, its social monitoring facility lets you monitor your brand mentions on multiple social media platforms.


  • Social post scheduling
  • Social media inbox
  • Image editing
  • Social media publishing calendar
  • Auto-post queue
  • Social monitoring
  • Multi-level team management
  • Strong data insights


  • Powerful social media automation
  • Real-time smart social media monitoring
  • Team collaboration system
  • Plans for all shapes and sizes


  • The influencer search facility is missing

Pricing: $99 to $249 per user monthly plans. Sprout Social doesn’t have a free plan but it has a 30-day trial period that you can cancel at any time (credit card details are not required).

#4 Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse is a simple but powerful social media management tool that has various features to skyrocket your social media engagements, especially on Twitter. Its content publishing feature comes with a visual preview facility that lets you know how your social contents will look like before those go live.

Social listening is essential as it starts a conversation, generates engagements, and builds relationships. Agora Pulse has a strong social listening feature that monitors your brand mentions across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


  • Social post scheduling
  • Social media inbox
  • Social post preview
  • Social media publishing calendar
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Audience category


  • Strong social listening and monitoring feature
  • Social message inbox


  • Doesn’t have the influencer search feature

Pricing: $49 to $299 monthly plans. If you want, you can start with its free-trial plan.

#5 Crowdfire

Crowdfire is another good social media automation tool you should try. Apart from social post scheduling, it recommends various posts based on your niche and interests. This feature lets you build connections with other brands and individuals.

Crowdfire engagement automation feature helps in creating social communications with your audience. You can additionally curate contents from RSS feeds or directly from your blog or online store.


  • Multiple content curation options
  • Social post auto-scheduling, post preview, and queue monitoring features
  • Audience management
  • Advanced social performance analysis
  • Social inbox
  • Social mention and monitoring


  • Content curation and suggestions
  • Social message inbox
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Crowdfire doesn’t let you search for influencers but it offers a competitor-follower monitoring feature.

Pricing: Free to $74.98 monthly plans (annual subscription).

#6 Post Planner

The best thing with Post Planner is it suggests quality contents with high user engagement. Besides, PostPlanner assists you in creating a realistic content calendar, planning your schedules, publishing contents, and finally delivering those to the right audience.

Post Planner forecasts future engagement stats by analyzing previous posts on similar topics. It helps social media managers set their next content plans and strategies.


  • Content suggestions
  • Performance prediction
  • Advanced content scheduling
  • Content recycling
  • Performance analysis


  • Content curation ideas
  • Social post engagement prediction
  • Affordable pricing


  • The very basic collaboration feature
  • Post Planner doesn’t feature the influencer search facility.

Pricing: Annual plans start at $3 per month. However, the $19/month annual plan is the best in the list.

#7 MeetEdgar

When almost all social media automation tools let you schedule and manage social posts, MeetEdgar additionally, re-shares your evergreen contents in the majority of social channels. It can generate a lot of traffic to your website as it keeps on sharing posts from its content library.

MeetEdgar’s intelligent content composer and customizable content categories make the post automation like a breeze. It saves a lot of your time by letting you upload contents and RSS feeds from various sources.


  • Content library
  • Smart content composer
  • Content categories
  • Recycling evergreen contents
  • RSS feed integration


  • Unique and intelligent content auto-post feature
  • Can generate traffic to the site
  • Reasonably priced


  • MeetEdgar doesn’t have social engagement and influencer search features

Pricing: MeetEdgar offers a 30-day free trial when you subscribe to their annual plan of $49 per month.

#8 eClincher

eClincher lets you do almost all things you need automate your social media process. The most unique feature that eClincher offers, is its influencer-discovery feature. It is a powerful social media tool with a minimal, simple, and user-friendly product interface.

eClincher integrates all major social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, Instagram Business, YouTube etc. Furthermore, Google My Business and Google Analytics can also be managed in one place with this tool. By far it is one of the most complete social media automation tools that continues adding new features consistently.


  • Content suggestions
  • Social engagement
  • Strong client management facility
  • RSS feed integration
  • Influencer search
  • Data security


  • Bulk auto post with queue
  • Influencer discovery
  • Social inbox
  • Comprehensive performance analytics


  • Not much, however, they could introduce a forever-free plan with basic features.

Pricing: $49 to $199 monthly plans. Eclincher doesn’t have a free plan. Though, they offer a 14-day free trial period which doesn’t require your credit card details.


IFTTT stands for “if this, then that”. Although it is not a full-stack social media automation tool, it has a few unique features that may excite you a lot.

IFTTT uses kind of a triggering mechanism that lets you adjoin different tools and apps together to set up your own ‘recipes’. Afterward, recipes automate all your social posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more.


  • Supports a wide array of tools
  • Easy to use product interface
  • Task automation
  • Supports various internet devices (IoT)
  • Auto triggering ‘recipes’ (If, Do, Custom)
  • Basic data analytics


  • User-friendly design
  • Basic social media post automation


  • IFTTT is not a mainstream social media automation tool. It is designed for small businesses and amateurs instead.

Pricing: IFTTT is free. However, their Basic and Enterprise plan pricing is not disclosed on their website.


Social media automation and tools are pivotal for auto-piloting your social media posts, engagements, monitoring, and data analysis. These tools let you streamline and centralize your social media processes. However, if you are uncertain what you really need, it’s going to be difficult to settle with one tool that delivers the results.

Thus, have a clear objective and goal that you want to achieve and find out the gaps you need to fill up to augment your social media skills. Thereafter, explore all these tools to gauge their usability, features, performance, and ability to bring the results. Finally, select a couple of social media tools for your daily social media automation and management.

Soumya Roy is the Lead Trainer and Founder CEO of PromozSEO Web Marketing Academy, a digital marketing course in Kolkata. He is a seasoned internet marketer and search engine consultant with over 11 years of experience. He enjoys writing contents on digital marketing, SEO, social media, paid marketing etc.

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