9 Powerful Course Creation Tools to Create & Sell Online Courses

The potential of online learning industry is becoming huge and as per estimates by 2022 it will grow up to a mammoth 243 billion dollar industry. So, there had never been a better time in history to teach people about the subjects you are passionate about.

In today's era, people from all walks of life prefer online courses to learn new skills and strengthen their professional and business growth. As a result demand for online courses is increasing rapidly and for skilled instructors and course creators this is an incredible opportunity to reap the benefit out of it.

However, once you decide to create courses you need to find the right kind of tools to create and sell your courses online. But with so many course creation tools in the market, it is a daunting task to figure out the best ones.

We have collected 11 best profitable online course creation tools that are essential to boost your online course creation and customer acquisition process.


Camtasia is powerful video editing software that lets you record your computer screen to create video lessons, tutorials, product reviews etc. Camtasia is easy to use and it offers a mobile app for Android and iOS that makes it easy to transfer files from different devices.

We used Camtasia for creating our YouTube Video Marketing course contents and we are glad to mention it here.


  • Create your own personalized library.
  • 4K Video recording support.
  • Complete step-by-step tutorial support.
  • Use themes that represent your brand.
  • Create and edit video content that supports 60fps.
  • Social sharing integration.


With more than 3 million students, 7500+ instructors and 20000+ courses till date Teachable is one of the fastest growing online learning platforms today. It is one of the great course creation platforms that allow you to create your own course website, sell your courses and training programs online and also let you engage with your student community worldwide.


  • Create engaging online training courses with various multimedia files such as image, text, audio, video, PDF etc.
  • You can create your courses in your existing website or create a new one with its drag and drop feature.
  • Your course website will be fully responsive for desktop as well as mobile devices. So your students will be able to watch your classes on desktops, smartphones, and tablet devices.
  • With its page editor feature, you can draft, customize and launch your new course-pages easily.
  • To attract international students you can modify the language used in your website.
  • You can create quizzes to check the progress of your students and reinforce the learning process.
  • Create a discussion forum and student feedback form that helps you understand your students and serve them with better course materials.


Thinkific is popular online course creation software that empowers you to create helpful courses in your own branded website quickly. This tool is an all-in-one solution to educate your audience, sell your courses to earn revenue and grow your brand among the students.


  • Create and customize your perfect course curriculum.
  • Keep your students engaged by including multimedia contents like video, quizzes, survey, downloads, discussions etc.
  • Use educational themes to showcase your courses in an attractive way.
  • With drag and drop builder you can add, remove or rearrange your course materials anytime.
  • Keep your students motivated by providing regular automated progress emails.


LearnWorlds is a powerful and user-friendly training solution for individuals and enterprises. It is a fully professional, customizable online tool to train employees and associates, educate customers or sell online courses to a wider audience.


  • Easily import and export content from different devices.
  • Create an instructor-led course curriculum.
  • Use PowerPoint presentation in your course materials.
  • Create quizzes, tests, assignments etc. to track the progress of your learners.
  • With theme editor feature customize your brand’s style, logo, and theme.
  • Modify your course material and pages with advanced CSS and JavaScript editing.


Skillshare is an online learning community specially created for learning real-world professional skills. These skills are taught and learned through various project-based classes. This platform provides an opportunity for skilled teachers to create online courses related to a wide variety of topics and students from worldwide get access to these courses at their fingertips.


  • Create high-quality learning materials.
  • Publish and promote your courses.
  • Get compensation for creating courses in this platform.
  • Create a catalog for your premium training programs.
  • Offer free demo classes.
  • Use feedback and referral system.


Udemy is another online learning platform where you can create and share your paid courses. It is a global marketplace that provides opportunities for skilled professionals to make money out of their passion and to connect with international students.


  • Use PDF files, PowerPoint, text, and video content to create and publish your course.
  • Check revenue reports, enrollment figures and respond to reviews for your courses.
  • You can set your email notification preferences.
  • Course quality checklist.
  • Offer certification after completion of the training program.

Academy of Mine

Academy of Mine is LMS (Learning Management System) software where you can create, sell and market your online courses on various professional training programs. This powerful software is loaded with advanced features that you can utilize to provide world-class online courses to your audience.


  • Use drag and drop feature to create courses in minutes.
  • Its integrated dashboard helps you manage all courses, orders, students’ enrollment in one place.
  • Create quizzes, exams, assignments etc. to evaluate the progress of your students.
  • Create and provide PDF certification after completion of the course.


Ruzuku is another valuable online course creation platform where instructors don’t require any technical knowledge to use it. It has a lot of helpful features such as PayPal payment gateway, MailChimp integration, daily backup etc. that helps you create and earn revenue from your courses.


  • You can offer multiple prices for each course.
  • You can copy any of your previous course and run it again.
  • Host and display PDF, Word, PowerPoint and other file formats.
  • You can invite or remove participants from your courses anytime.
  • Receive email notifications when any student posts a question.


CourseCraft is a simple yet powerful tool to create different types of online courses. This tool provides you with all the features to create professional and high-quality courses with easy to follow steps.


  • Create as many lessons in your course curriculum as you need.
  • You can upload images, videos, and download files and edit your lessons anytime.
  • Connect with PayPal or Stripe to accept payments from students who enroll in your course.
  • You can integrate the course with your blog or website that will help people to find your course.
  • Add forms, quizzes or surveys in your course that will help you to interact with the participants.


Apart from the above-mentioned tools, there are hundreds of course-content creation tools available online. We have tried to cover some of our favorite and powerful tools in this guide. Whether you are an experienced online instructor or thinking of selling your first online course, the aforesaid list of tools may become helpful in your course creation workflow.

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