9 Reasons Why You Need To Update Your Website

When it comes to dealing with websites, most businesses tend to make one mistake. Pushing the site online and leaving it there. No more work is put on the website for years and it only takes a massive glitch for the technical team to be called in.

In fact, businesses usually don’t have any proper budget allotted to keeping their site alive and vibrant. This is wrong! It is not enough to create a nice looking website for your brand, you also need to keep it up to date. Yes, an outdated website may well be as bad as having a no website at all, or even worse.

Now, we will be telling you why to keep close tabs on your website.


At the top of the agenda has got to be security as we all know how much cyber-attacks are costing even the biggest of businesses. Juniper Research estimated that a data breach will cost companies a whooping average of $150 million by 2020.

Now, with cyber criminals on the rampage, you can’t afford to have loopholes on your site and one way of doing security patches is to keep updating your website including the system behind it. For instance, if your website is running on a CMS platform like Wordpress, Magento and the likes then you need to update the platforms to newer versions from time to time to fix any bugs that may present loopholes for attacks.

You should also update your website with the necessary SSL certificates to secure communication between the users and servers-this will even prevent users from being warned of your website’s security when they are browsing. The beauty is that you can do this by simply buying SSL certificate.

Responsive & Mobile Friendly

If your site is too old then chances are that it is not mobile friendly. What this simply means is that users using mobile phones may not be having a good time interacting with your website. You thus need to update your website to make it responsive and friendly to the mobile world. After all, most users are now from coming in from mobile devices these days.

Fresh Content For Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you want to have more traffic coming your way then you may want to think SEO. SEO entails developing content that the Google crawler can discover faster and rank you higher than your competitors. This can only be done if you have fresh content on your website on a regular basis optimized for SEO. Google has even factored a blend of web content and the way your site is structured in the ranking algorithm.

Most digital marketers will tell you that being on the first page of Google will most certainly turn to conversions for your businesses.

Visual Appeal

You can most definitely differentiate an old site to a modern one just from the way it looks. New website are designed with a visual appeal that fits in with the evolving digital consumer. Your website is a digital image of how your business looks. You also don’t want to look bad to users who have never even seen your business. This means updating your website look from time to time to keep track of the consumer's eye.

Improve Website Speed

Your site may look good but if it takes too long to load then that will most certainly lead to bouncing users unless you update the site to improve the load speeds. One way to do it is to optimize the image files to load faster whilst maintaining quality. . The good thing is that there are tools that can help you with this like  Google Page Insights, Pingdom among others.

Add Website Integrations

Smart businesses know that website is more than just an address that tells people about you. You can update your website to do more. For instance, you can add a blog section where you can engage consumers through tailored content. Perhaps you can add a contact form or even go as far as adding a live chat support platform (if you have ecommerce portal or sellting any product and service) where users can get real time responses to queries.

You would also want to link your website to social media channels to grow your business following and conversion. You might have seen that some sites now allow users to tweet specific paragraph of content like direct quotes. You can get creative with integrations as you can with an up to date website.

Improve User Experience

Old sites don’t just look bad, they are also annoying to use. Visitors do struggle to move around as they look for specific pages and content. In other words, updating websites involve improving the way users navigate around and interact with your applications hence boosting the much coveted user experience.

Add Proper Call-To Actions

Call to actions or CTAs are very much part of a well-oiled strategy to convert more users especially for online businesses. If you have never heard of CTAs then they are basically, buttons or links placed on a site to drive users into actions that convert them to customers. If your site doesn’t have proper CTAs then it’s time to revamp the look and add them in a bid to increase sales.

Website Analytics: Measure Website Effectiveness

You can improve what you can’t measure! And, you can’t get vital web metrics tracked right if you are running on an old website. For example, you will need to update your site to track things like heat maps, conversions, user recordings etc. This comes in very handy in as far as marketing is concerned. It becomes easy to pick up vital information then make good use of it..but it’s only possible on new sites, right?


In a nutshell, you need to ensure that your website is always up to date. If you want to use it as something like a physical address that won’t do much for your business!

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