9 Simple Tips To Craft The Best Product Packaging

There is s statement first impression is the last impression. It is true in almost all segments of our life - career, communication, behavior, etc. And, product packaging is not left out of it. People buy a product, which packaging is attractive and offers clear information on a product with a brand name. Attractive product packaging design is the foremost and easiest way to make your product to sell itself. Here are some simple, but effective product packaging tips for you:

  1. Have clarity in packaging design

Product packaging impacts customers a lot as they come inside a store. A customer wants to know two things - the product name and its manufacturer when he picks up your product in a store. He puts the product in the shelf if he doesn’t get the right answers in a few seconds.

You can make your patrons comprehend that your product packaging has all that they are looking for via the use of custom labels. The labels have a clear font. You must avoid using all capital letters and fancy style so that your customers have no issue in reading product details printed on the pack. The font size should not be too small or too big. It should be as big that consumers could read all info easily.

  1. Keep your product packaging simple

On the product pack, try to keep the information brief and simple. Avoid using too much information on your product packaging that could remind your consumers reading chapters out of their history textbook.

Customers see your product packaging for the list of benefits. They leave their buying decision if they do not find your brand name and product name along with the listed benefits. In brief, you should mention all respective things that could make consumers buy it.

  1. Be honest

The pack of your product should be a mirror of what your product does and what your product is. People have the ability to know that your product packaging promotes overselling. Your patrons won’t be happy if they find a product completely different from the one shown on the packaging. Here, you can sort out this problem with transparent packaging.

  1. Use colors wisely

Color is one of the most effective tools in your product packaging. Choosing unexpected and bold colors can support your product to draw the attention of people when it is on the shelf. You will have more customers than your counterparts when your product is in the eye line. In brief, you need to comprehend your customers and competitors while choosing colors for your product packaging.

  1. Show your brand on the product pack

Every business is different even they offer the same product. Therefore, you need to show your brand name in your product packaging design. Use a tear-away postcard in your product packaging if the mission of your business brand is a connection.

  1. Use the best quality material in your product packaging

Quality has a pivotal role in the sale of a product. You must avoid using substandard material (plastic bag, corrugated box, or wood) in your product packaging. The use of substandard material can lead you to get your product damaged during transportation.

  1. Be more professional

You should research what your counterparts are using in their product packaging and how you can improve their packaging. Suppose that your competitors are using plain brown packets with custom labels to sell coffee. You need to invest a little more in packaging to stand out from others.

  1. Make your packaging fun

You know the use of your fun ideas, your creativity, and some humour in the packaging of your product won’t go in vain. With this, your product packaging will attract customers and can enforce them to buy the product, as such packaging make customers have a familiarity feeling.

Suppose that you want to design the packaging for your tea bags. You can give a design that could look like t-shirts. Besides, you can add hanger design to it. With this, your products will go in hand to hand of patrons and customers will keep coming back to your product.

  1. Have a close eye on trends

Trends in ever business field are the one that keeps innovation alive. They are essential for market longevity. It is true that trends are for some time. However, it is also true trends come back again and again. You need to develop a skill what trend is upcoming. With this, you can keep your product packaging different from others.

Apart from above, you should think about special editions, consider about your customers’ likes & dislikes, make packaging convenient, and being futuristic while thinking about your product packaging.


 You need to be creative in your product packaging. It’s you who have to sell your products. The more you will be focused on the product packaging quality; the more you have product sales.   

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