9 Ways How VoIP Software Maximize Agents Productivity

Sustainability and viability of call centers require providing great customer services. Despite the fact all businesses strive to improve their productivity and profitability, it is a hard job for call centers. Organizations can achieve this objective in various ways—diminish overhead costs, reducing labor, improve productivity— and of course ensuring lifetime customers for the business.

Regardless of whether you are running smaller or bigger call center, certain technologies are vital to run your call center efficiently. With some of the call centers choosing virtual call center software, others are looking for better solution like VoIP software.

There are some certain highlights of the software, which you must be aware of. Here is a list of them and how far they are helpful for running of call center smoothly:

Best VoIP software to enhance agent’s productivity

ACD Feature

Handling large volume of calls is one of the most difficult issue faced by call centers. Provide exceptional customer services to your clients in inbound call center using this feature of incredible VoIP software.

Unfamiliar with ACD?

This technology works by routing incoming calls to call center agents who are right for the call.

ACD to maximize sales

  • Of course, agents with specific skills are able to satisfy certain kinds of customers or better handle some type of queries.
  • With ACD, agents remain focused on their job responsibilities, rather than worried about handling incoming call pressures.
  • The cost of ACD feature is less than losing your loyal customers.

Predictive Dialer

Idle time in a call center means you are not properly utilizing all of the available resources. Moreover answering machines may result in low morale in call center agents.

What is predictive dialer?

According to Wikipedia, “A predictive dialer is a computerized system that automatically dials batches of telephone numbers for connection to agents assigned to sales or other campaigns.”

How Predictive dialer enhance productivity?

  • VoIP server software comes equipped with a predictive It is already choice of most of the call centers!
  • It improves efficiency and productivity from each agent in your contact center by keeping them engage with customers.
  • ACD and this dialer work in collaboration to distribute and assign calls to available agents.

IVR Feature

IVR can be called spoken commands as well. When calling out to the call center, you may have heard, “press 1 for debit card inquiry” or “press 2 to talk with call center representative”. This is possible with this feature of VoIP software.

Double or triple your agent’s productivity with IVR!

  • It improves professionalism in your call center agents.
  • The call is forwarded to most desired agent and customer services are enhanced.
  • The system is fully customized and you are able to make changing in the messages as required.

Call Analytics Feature

According to, Voip-info.org, “Call analytics is a set of call management tools used by companies to assess and measure advertising performance and optimize the handling and processing of sales leads.”.

Want to evaluate the performance of your agents, it is now easier with call analytics feature in VoIP software.

Increase agent’s output with call analytics

  • Do you know, call tracking, call recording and lead scoring is possible with call analytics?
  • Lead management and lead capture improve service quality and therefore lifetime customers for your business.
  • You are able to pinpoint areas and agents in your contact center which require additional training!

Call Screening Feature

With VoIP software, call limitations are decreased down to extent that you can control incoming calls, in fact, make a choice for incoming calls. Either routing the call to the voice box, call holding or answering, all is possible with this feature.

Call screening for betterment

  • Now a manager is able to fully focus on any specific goal through ensuring all the calls are just forwarded to right guys.
  • Block the calls for an hour or any other desired result is possible.
  • Prioritize your day or set targets for your agents efficiently now by downloading VoIP

Call Whisper Feature

You never lack any sort of help at your call center by choosing VoIP software over other cloud-based software’s.

Are you aware of call whispering?

  • Agents can ask for additional help from their supervisors without letting customers aware of it at the other end with this awesome feature.
  • The tricky situation can be handled easily.

Faxing Feature

No need to have an individual faxing machine in your call center, as this feature is now available in your call center software.

Faxing is no longer limited!

  • Your agents have everything available in single source.
  • Receiving and sending faxes are no longer impossible!

Find me feature

Your call center managers and agents will simply love this feature now available in VoIP software.

Finding me was never easier than now!

  • Managers and executives do have many other operations to focus on. With this feature, they can get the calls from specific numbers by choosing them.
  • Efficient time management is guaranteed for your call center agents improving their performance even more!

Music On Hold Feature

To reduce the call bounce or end rate, music on hold is expressional practice.

Music on hold benefits of agents performance

  • Your agents can simply listen and solve other problems on the line, without worrying about the customer getting off due to getting bored.
  • Using voice marketing is also possible with this technology.

Final words

Right call center technology and software come with certain features which can make working in call center easier. VoIP is popular among other softwares due to features added above. Successfully manage your contact center using this Coztel software and ensure excellent customer service by making it part of your organization now!









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