It goes without saying that protecting any business – small or large, start-up or major conglomerate – is an incredibly complicated task. If you are a web-based company, you have to always be on your toes and wary of the latest developments in cybercrime, and if you operate offline, you need to keep your premises safe from thieves and other criminals.

The consequences of your business being attacked, either physically or on the internet, can be devastating; security should always be high up on your list of priorities as a business owner. So, what do you need to know about company security and how can you keep your livelihood safe?

Invest in Remote CCTV Monitoring

If you have physical premises, the biggest threat to you by far is that from criminals who want to break in and steal your business assets. Many business owners turn to remote CCTV monitoring – a very simple yet effective means of keeping your company safe – even if they think it will never happen to them.

Small businesses are the biggest target of robberies, so it is always wise to make sure you have a good CCTV system installed which can monitor your premises remotely and see what is going on in real-time.

Protect Against Malware

You would never leave the back door to your home unlocked at night, so why would you leave your company’s virtual back door open? By not properly securing your computers or company’s network, you are inviting cybercriminals to come in and take what they please.

Malware is a malicious software which infiltrates your network to cause damage or steal data. There are lots of ways to protect against it, though.

Applying a firewall is the first line of defence you should look into. Many computers and routers come with in-built firewalls which, whilst not the best, will provide an effective defence against simpler attacks. You should also install the very best security software you can on all of your computers, which will protect your network without hampering the performance of the computer itself and not slow it down.

The best computer security solutions will protect against everything, from simple pieces of malware to full-blown cyberattacks being co-ordinated in real-time by real criminals to steal your company’s data.

Implement a Password Policy

If you employ people, you should enforce a strict password policy which will prevent people gaining access to your employees’ accounts and cause havoc from the inside. Passwords are the key to your computer network, so they should be strong, changed often and kept safe.

Implement a policy which requires your employees to have an alphanumeric password with a mixture of capital and lower-case letters. For added security, you can also require the use of special characters such as !, $, %, etc.

You should require your employees to change their passwords every so often, or implement a system which forces them to do this. The most commonly used password reset period is every 60 days.

Stay Up-To-Date

Many business owners will go to great lengths in adopting great security measures and then never update them, thinking that they will work forever. This is not the case!

You should not rely on old and outdated antivirus software – it is very important that you update your network’s antivirus often, because there are always new methods of virus detection being developed, or solutions which tackle current problems.

Keep all operating systems on all computers connected to your network updated, too; operating system vulnerabilities are a key weakness when it comes to cyberattacks and an outdated operating system is full of loopholes which cybercriminals can easily exploit..

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