A Complete Guide To Develop A Fitness App: Must Have Features And Useful Tips

From quite some time, we have seen people rapidly being aware of the importance of being healthy and fit and making a special effort to make their living and lifestyle updated with all the health and fitness trends. Fitness and staying healthy is an important part of a human being’s life as it makes a person to be adaptable to every type of environment and situation.  Also, in an era where all of us are occupied with mobile apps for each and every need we come across in our daily life, how can we neglect the need for a fitness app? Fitness apps are indeed important to keep a proper track of our daily activities and advice the proper exercises and diet plans accordingly.

There are various types of Fitness Apps provided for Android and iOS users:


These apps are used for tracking daily activities for the people who are not workout geeks but want to stay fit with their normal routine. The features of the apps can be experienced by connecting it with other devices like smart watches.

FEATURES: Track the number of steps, calories burnt and distance walked.


These apps help in getting the weight and calories in control with healthy eating habits. The apps tracks the correct amount of food to be taken according to the calories necessary for a person decided according to the user’s weight.

FEATURES: Provides a proper planned diet and recipes for healthy food items. Also, helps in preparing a proper grocery list.  


Workout fitness apps are solely based on guiding the user for the best exercises according to their weight and goals. These apps focus on providing the suitable exercises for all the body parts and to give healthy lifestyle to the users.

FEATURES: Explains about all the exercises briefly with the help of proper image and tutorials.


On-demand Fitness trainer apps are specialised for focusing entirely on the user just like any personal trainer at the gym. It shows exactly the exercises and diet plans and calories that should be burned or taken by the user according to the weight and measurements entered by the user.

FEATURES: Provides and explains thoroughly all the necessary exercises to be performed and diet to be taken by the user. Also, it proves reminding features to keep a check on the user’s activities.

While launching your fitness app, the first and foremost decision to be taken is that which type of app is it going to be. It is not necessary that the app can only be one of the types. Many apps have features of for all the types.  

To make your app stand alone in the market and a perfect view and guide to the users, these are the must-have features you need to know about:


Starting working out is easy but sticking to the plan for longer is the main task and we usually fail to make it work. This feature reminds about the daily exercise routines and what to eat and what to not routines. This would be like our personal trainer in our hand


Each one of us is excited about the results or progress that we made while working out. It is important that the app compares the measurements, weight, and height recorded by the user at the beginning with one entered after a few weeks. This would not only keep the user motivated but will also give an insight to the user if he/she should work out in the same way or change the exercises and diet plans.


The main link of the fitness is attached to the types of exercises we are hitched upon. Every fitness app should provide a corner for suitable exercises according to different filters like age, weight, gender, and targets. Filters will help the user to know about the suitable exercises for them to make them get fit faster.


Controlling our taste buds is considered as the most difficult task among youth. But obviously, if we are having so many wonderful foods to eat, how can somebody convince us to stay away from them? An ideal diet chart doesn’t leave you hungry In fact a diet chart provides all the tasty and important nutrition to the body to make a person get into a perfect shape without starving. So, diet chart is another important aspect of the fitness app with an exercise guide.  


This is where the story starts from. Well obviously, to track all the activities and record the measurements one needs to make an account on the app. So, this is a must-have feature to make the user stay connected to the app, as the app is helping them to stay connected with the trends and keeping them aware of their fitness plans.


Before we think about fitness, we set our targets. A fitness tracking app development should have the feature that records the targets and motivates them with news and trends and the inches that are getting shed by the users. Target indicator helps the users to stay motivated for working out regularly and would make them aware about their achievements too.


Push notifications could be about the new and upcoming updates in the app or about the feedback for using any feature. Push notifications make a user never forget about the existence of the app in their smartphone and would make them check the app if they find any notification interesting.


Nobody can stay updated with all the news and trends related to lifestyle and fitness without any source of information. It is important for every fitness app to provide the section for all the fitness tips, trends, and news. This would help the user to stay connected to the on-demand fitness trends in the market and make them experiment the same or the variants.   


Connectivity is directly oriented towards the different and in demand gadgets in the market. These could be the smartwatches that provide an exact measurement of footsteps, heart rate, calories burnt etc. Also, these devices help in connecting to the smartphones through Bluetooth connectivity system.


Not everything could be done and understood with written content. It is important to provide users with tutorials on how to work with the given exercise schedules. All the tips and content given should be accompanied with the tutorials or examples in order for the better understanding.

There are many additional features that are needed to make your app make money for you, these are:


Many times users are very keen to know and understand everything about fitness and therefore, they prefer personal guidance to be given to them. Obviously, personal guides demand money for the specially designed courses for the users who want to transform them in a better way.


Not everything should be kept open to all the users. Some secrets and magical tips should be preserved for the special customers or the premium customers. Premium customers ought to buy the membership for the special guidance and tips to be given to them.

Any fitness freak would not even think for a second before downloading the app with these features. Additionally, these are the features that would provide newcomers with absolute guidance for a perfect exercise and diet plan and keep them motivated to stay aware about the trends in the market and what they need to get along with the trend.

Fitness obviously doesn’t mean to lose weight or get slimmer and slimmer with time. What fitness actually means is to stay healthy and be able to perform all day to day activities without anybody’s help. A person who is physically dependent on somebody could not live a healthy and carefree life.

There are various fitness bloggers who post about different tips and exercises to transform our body shape and lifestyle. They are experienced and are working with the public for a quite long time. It’s important to know how they build their career and to know what is important for the public to stick to your app; this can be done with the help of the bloggers. Their daily updates can be posted on the app for the awareness and motivation purposes.

It is important to spread the awareness about the fitness being the top priority for the people concerned about their health. Any features that you think will be able to help our readers, they are more than welcome.

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