A personal trainer at home, just for you!

With an individual coach specialist in the form just for you, you benefit from a personalized program and really adapted to your level. The trainer is able to advise you, to adapt the exercises to your abilities, to bring knowledge that fosters a measured and calculated work for more efficient and safe exercises. It will help you to choose consistent objectives in relation to your level and your expectations. This will ensure you do the right thing and avoid the risk of inadequate movements that may have adverse effects on your workout.

Professional and personal trainer at home

To call on a personal trainer from our team is to ensure you have a professional and personalized training according to your abilities.

It will help you to choose consistent objectives in relation to your objectives and expectations. Your home coach is always listening to you; it allows you to be tracked effectively to get optimal results.

A team of sports professionals at your service

In order to optimize the quality of your fitness and for a complete service, our team is also made up of various renowned health professionals, such as doctors, osteopaths, nutritionists and massage practitioners.


Use a Personal Trainer (individual sports coach)

Using a Personal Trainer (personal sports coach) coming directly to your home is the assurance of having a personalized follow-up adapted to your level to obtain real results.

No longer need to travel, wait long before you have sports advice: the personal trainer travels with his equipment to your home or workplace at the times and days you choose. This way you avoid the stress that could be caused by the displacements as well as the demotivation that can settle over time.

Indeed, the personal trainer is present at every moment of your training to follow you and motivate you so that you go beyond.

You get personal training from a real professional who advises you and helps you to progress at your own pace.


1st free session with your Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer Toronto offers you a FIRST SESSION FREE AND WITHOUT COMMITMENT with the personal traienr.

During this meeting, the Personal Trainer performs your complete sports report using physical tests, as well as an analysis of different data concerning you (lifestyle, diet, medical treatments or contraindications).

This allows you to accurately determine your level and objectives, in order to make a proposal tailored to your needs. This ensures that you get the desired results as quickly as possible and in the best conditions.

This appointment will also allow you to be aware of our professionalism and our way of working. You will be able to take calmly your decision

If you wish to make an appointment with one of our professionals, please contact us at www.yourhousefitness.com.

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