Additional Funding Sources for Your SMB

If there is one thing anyone entering the world of small business comes to realize, then it has to be the fact that a good idea is simply not enough. What your small business needs at its initial stages is a little meat on its bones, that is – money. More often than not, small business owners bite off more than they can chew and the expenses of running a business soon get out of hand. However, if you plan ahead and consider each and every source of funding, then you stand a good chance of lifting your business off the ground.

So, where and how can you get the money for your small business?

Look around you

Asking your friends and family to assist you in your entrepreneurial endeavors is not something you should shy away from at all costs. In fact, the majority of small business owners sought help from their loved ones at some point. If you want to show them you really mean business, explain each step of your future growth and let them see they won’t be just wasting their money. In addition to this, make sure you have a clear plan of how you will pay them back.


Crowdfunding has been a popular way of financing for small business in the past few years. In short, if you have a great business idea and lack the money to get it up and running, people around the world donate the money in exchange for rewards they will be given once the business takes off. It is you who agree to give them discounts, coupons, vouchers, or a trial period of whatever it is that your business will be about. Donations are one way to crowdfund a business but there are other options to choose from, such as equity-based and lending-based crowdfunding with each of them having its perks.

Consider a side job

Many people simply find themselves too immersed in getting the money for their small business elsewhere. However, you can consider working up a sweat yourself and getting the financial boost you need by finding ways to make money online. This is an easy method because you never have to leave the comfort of your home and the opportunities are countless. From freelancing to answering online surveys, the money you can make will surely make a change.

Bank loans

Bank loans are also one of the viable solutions but you have to make sure to meet eligibility requirements.  This is especially the case with loans that have a high repayment rate because you can easily oversee some important repayment details. Banks will want to know your financial situation in detail and you also need to have a good credit score and demonstrate that your business has been up and running for at least one year.


Peer-to-peer lending is a perfect alternative to bank loans, especially if all you need is a small amount. As banks usually think this is a waste of their time, peer-to-peer lending can save the day. This type of additional financing involves other businesspeople or investors who are willing to lend small amounts of money to individuals. The advantages of this method include relatively low-interest rates, the possibility of early repayment, and fast approval since it operates on online P2P platforms.

Final thoughts

Obviously, there is no reason to despair if you find yourself lacking the money to lift your business off the ground. Whatever option you choose, make sure to have everything planned to the last detail and leave very little room for mistakes.

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Comment by Moses Lynch on December 27, 2018 at 7:29am

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