Advance Product Designer: Acquainting You with the New Updates!

Getting one’s name engraved on a rice grain. Or, getting a portrait made for 5 dollars per piece from an artist on the streets of New York; going for personalization has been a favored choice of many. Over the years, the psychology of “Having it done my way” has grown from being an interest to obsession. Reason? By going for personalization, you do not go for something that is “common” or “available.” You get something that is exclusive. Something tailored “just for you!”

The inclination towards customization has remained the same. But the ways of shopping for customized products changed. Looking at the convenience and ease, people started buying online. When ecommerce store owners observed this, they started embracing product customization. How? By integrating a product designer tool that helps customers create personalized products.

By using these tools, customers can design the products, preview, and order them at one click. Keeping this convenience in mind, AppJetty created Advance Product Designer. It is a Magento based tool for ecommerce store owners which has brought a lot of ease for online shoppers. Not just that, it has also generated handsome revenues for ecommerce business owners.

Advance Product Designer is one of our supreme products. We have not just developed it but have added several features and functionalities to it over the years. Through this blog, we will acquaint you with the recent updates and enhancements of Advance Product Designer. Here is a sneak peek into the features:

1. Customizable Tool Layout

An ideal product designer tool is the one that does not confine the users to the already provided functionalities. It should have a customizable layout so that business owners can make the changes according to their business requirements.

Advance Product Designer comes with a Customizable layout that enables the Admin to select the main tabs and subtabs. They can also sequence the tabs the way they want and decide whether they want to display Full Tab Name & Images or Only Name or Only Image of the tab.

2. Image Editing

Adding images to a product and personalizing it is quite a common phenomenon. However, there are certain drawbacks to adding the image as it is. It might have certain parts that are unwanted. And that asks for cropping it. When one crops the image, it should also retain its pixel quality.

Through Advance Product Designer, your customers can crop an image and use only the part they want on the product. They can also resize the images, stretch them and add a new size to them. Not just that, they can also add effects like Grayscale, Sepia, Invert, Contrast and many more.

3. Social Media Image Upload

Advance Product Designer always had an option to enable your customers to add images/pictures from their device. But there are times when images are not present on the device and exist on Social Media. During such times, our Social Media Image Upload option comes handy.

Using it, your customers can upload images from social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. And they always had the option to save their uploaded images under “My designs” section.

4. Smart Search

Product Designer Tools can often be overwhelming with the amount of customization options they offer. This makes it difficult for customers to find certain features and products they want to customize. With the help of Advance Product Designer’s “Smart Search” option, your customers can find the products they are looking for faster.

They can also use the feature to find options for Products, Clipart, and Templates.

5. Layer Management

What if there are multiple designs on a single canvas? And what if you want to overlay them in a way that all are apparent? With Advance Product Designer’s Layer Management feature, you can.

Our Magento Product Customization Extension enables your customers to manage the layers of the object they are designing. It is possible to manage the position of the objects with regards to other elements. It is possible to do this by directly locking or deleting a layer.

6. Add Watermark

As an ecommerce store owner, you might want to add your company’s watermark to the products. Advance Product Designer enables you to convert any text or image into a watermark.

After your customers finish designing their product, they can download the image of their custom designed product. At such instance, you can provide your customers with the option of image download with watermark of your company.

7. Object Grouping and Movement

When there are several designs on the product, there is often a need to reposition them. The Object Grouping and Movement feature of Advance Product Designer enables the user to group the design objects on the canvas and change their positions simultaneously. It is possible to move the designs in left, right, top and bottom directions.

This feature gives a lot of freedom to your customers as they can align individual objects on their preferable side, select and clear the design.

Above mentioned features are only the newly added ones. Advance Product Designer has many more features and functionalities to offer. If you want, we can also build Advance Product Designer from the scratch, help you to set it up and integrate it with your store. This product is available for both Magento 1 and 2 platforms.

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