Advanced Guide to E-commerce SEO 2019

A study by HubSpot says that 61% of marketers find SEO as their top inbound marketing priority. Other statistics shared by Search Engine Journal projects that marketers would spend $79 billion on SEO by 2020!

One can say that SEO is the key mantra for web success. Although I am not stating that this is the only marketing tactic. If not SEO then there are various paid options on your hand such as Google paid ads, Facebook ads. But if you look at the eCommerce market, it’s getting tough to survive. And balancing your investments between marketing and other expenses would get pretty-tricky to handle.

The solution is to make your organic presence powerful on the web first. Because the experimenting game doesn’t work in the first phrase for any business. You need a solid game changer that generates revenue for the coming quarters. Therefore, having Website SEO Services can maintain your high rankings, revenue, and leads month after month.

Still not convinced?

Here are the reasons that explain why Professional SEO Services matters for any eCommerce business.

1) Better Business Scope

The Search Engine People’s study 2018 says that SEO leads have a close rate of 14.6%, compared to only 1.7% close rate for outbound leads such as print advertisements or any other form of search engine marketing! The reason is quite simple. Organic results are more trustworthy. The higher you rank in the search, the more conversions you would get.

2) It’s an Investment

It’s a fact that SEO takes time to generate results. Probably some months depended on the project type. There is nothing like first page rankings overnight. But If you have hired quality Website SEO Services, you would soon start getting returns. When it comes to paid ads, they constantly need your efforts. But when you achieve your first page results, with some upfront efforts it would maintain your place in the race without any further investments.

3) It’s Cost Effective

Unlike PPC, SEO doesn’t demand much costs. And if you are a startup, once your website goes live, appoint Website SEO Service experts. After some months of efforts, results would be on their way. You would get all the benefits of your previous marketing efforts. A best use case of getting fruitfull ROI.

4) It Boosts Branding

Back in a day, it was difficult to compete with industry leaders. The advantage you get from the search engine marketing is that you can perform the market analysis and offer the quality products as per the industry demands. Good thing is that if you have a product which serves the customer needs, it will uplift your brand name in the market.

5) Gives you Right Kind of Audience

A study by Smart Insights found that a website with 100 organic visitors tends to get an average of 3 conversions with a right set of audience. You can target the right kind of audience for your e-store with Professional SEO services. They implement strategies which serve you the right way.

Hence, SEO itself proves that it helps your eCommerce business to streamline the buying cycle. And when you consider Website SEO services for your business, it is important to follow Google guidelines.

Here, I have tried to explain certain aspects to help you get more aware of your eCommerce business and increase your the visibility on the web.

Website Speed:

  • A website speed shows that how quickly users are able to see and interact with your e-store. Here are some effective tips to get rid of low website speed:
  • If possible, try to reduce the number of HTTP requests and other Javascript loadings.
  • Use GZip to compress the size of HTML files.
  • Create AMP version of your website to support Mobile Speed.
  • Try to reduce the number of redirects on your website.
  • Make use of CDN to distribute server load.

Reduce Bounce Rate:

Improve the internal structure and reduce website speed. They are the key factors behind low bounce rate which ultimately keeps a user stick into your content web and possibly convert him.

Migrate to HTTPS:

HTTPS helps you to protect the customer’s information. Even Google Chrome indicates the ‘Not secure’ notifications for the HTTP website. Therefore, it is considered to migrate to HTTPS website, especially for eCommerce platform.

301 Redirect:

Migrating your products pages to a new website? Does your website have Expired Product Pages? In such cases, 301 redirections can help. Redirect your old, expired, to be transferred pages with 301 redirects. It will pass all the SEO value to the new page.

Structure URLs:

Structure of your URLs is important. It helps your products pages to rank your pages high in the Google Search. A good example of well-structured URL:

Category URL:

Sub-category URL:


Navigation is not only about rankings. It also helps the user to reach out to the specific products they are looking for. You can check out Amazon’s structure. They have an amazing navigation structure.

Create Content:

A Product specific content is a necessity. And while Google algorithms are constantly being fluctuated, it is important to create quality content with sufficient details. Write longer blog posts to attain organic ranks and its benefits.

Buying Funnel:

No matter which product or service, you offer, you need to create a sales funnel that impulse a user to buy. For example, you can write a blog post about “N benefits of X Product” blog that could help a visitor float in the right direction. And at the end to the sales page!

Amazon Listing

If you have a product which can be listed on Amazon, make sure you do that. A study from Search Engine Journal states that 38% of eCommerce product searches starts on Amazon.

Guest Content

Not just a Guest post this time! Ask famous bloggers to review your services/products and include them on their website. It will give you more quality links and audience.

In a Nutshell

SEO for eCommerce is a crucial part. Generating organic visits to your website and converting them into sales is tough. But not impossible. And there is enough scope on the web to explore. From unique content ideas, link building techniques, internal linking structure to ecommerce SEO, a pull full of opportunities. You need to identify your strategy and follow the same to make the most out of your eCommerce store.

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