AI chatbots have emerged as an effective tool for maintaining ease of doing business

AI chatbots are derived from artificial intelligence. The term AI is commonly known as machines that can solve human work automatically. Now, what is AI chatboats? In this article, we will discuss all about AI chatbots and its effects on business growth and solving human problems easily and fastly.

For a simple example, AI chatbots are used in pizza hut for taking order delivering orders. Uber is also using chatbots for their customers.

 Nowadays AIchatbots have become a hot topic. A chatbot is a computer program that is a part of artificial intelligence solutions.  Chatbots are programs that can speak, write or take action as per programming for taking an order, solving customer’s query and much more. AI chatbots were released in 1966. The name chatbots come from “chatter bot”. Companies are also using chatbots for solving the queries of their customer and times saving.

Working of AI Chatbot

In simple languages, a bot is nothing but a software that performs the tasks automatically or we can say it is a computer program that is based on artificial intelligence development that can respond on website or chatbots of the queries asked by online customers.

AI chatbot is the ability by which a computer system can understand the queries of humans and reacts as per them. This system can solve their issues via speech or messaging.

Artificial intelligence development helps to create such kind of chatbots in which a database is prepared with built-in questions and answers. When a customer asked for a specific question, chatbots application reads it from the database and answers it as per database. Thus by using AI chatbots, any person can get answers of any kind of question very quick and fast

For example, if you will ask from Google or Amazon Alexa, “What is the current weather of a particular location?” Google or AMAZON Alexa would respond according to current weather information stored in a database or programming language. Today, many e-commerce companies are using chatbots to give a better experience to their customers by resolving their problems quickly.

Use of Chatbots in Business

Artificial intelligence solutions are used in businesses for fast, easy and times saving. Ai chatbots are an effective tool for any business. Many retailers have also used AI so far for AI chatbots. Almost every sector and companies are using chatbots whether it is shopping, food ordering, Booking cabs or tickets and much more.

Chatbots are making businesses easy. It is saving times, energy and cost of the business. Different industries that are using chatbots are:-


AI chatbots have been used in educations form long times. Through Artificial intelligence solutions chatbots, many educational institutions and companies are offering online tutorial by which students can take any tuition from their home. It helps both institutions and student to save time and cost.

Thus, the use of Artificial intelligence solutions chatbots are increasing day by day and it is playing the main role by which students are taking education from a particular website or tutorial. There are many ways of chatbots uses in education like Enhanced Student Engagement, Instant Help to Students, Smart Feedbacks Better Student Support, Up-to-date information for the Institutions and much more.


Chatbots have become very popular in the healthcare industry. Each and every hospital having some health chatbots by which peoples interact with messenger or voice. Health bots are designed for health-related issues of people. Some examples of health chatbots are: Ada, ABBI, Sensely, SafeDrugBot, Babylon, etc.


Banking is using Chatbots on huge scale Enterprise Mobility Solutions are common in banking chatbots by this customers can ask any bank for details or information and they can access it on their phones or tab. A leader of U.S banking industry introduced Al Chabot that can help customers by sending the informational notifications like balance information, provide credit reports, cheque debit details, some best offers, Emi details and much more. Some examples of AI chatbots used in banking are-EVA by HDFC bank, Erica by Bank of America, Amex bot by American express, etc.


The world id digitalized and all policyholders want solutions of any query very fast and accurate. Insurance sectors are using Ai chatbots for fast information collection and quick response to the policyholders. Enterprise Mobility Solutions chatbots are used for data collection by an insurance agent. They collect the data online and it becomes easy for both customer and agent to save time. Chatbots helps in claim processing, payment assistance, customer education, anytime support etc. Insurance sectors are using the chatbot and making their customer happy by providing them quick result.

AI Apps:-

Some of the best AI chatbot is developed by Enterprise App Development. The chatbot helps customers to get an answer faster and. By the help of chatbot app, you can make a database for answers which are commonly used by customers. Examples are of best Ai chatbots:-PandoraBots Chatfuel, HubSpot , ManyChat, chatbot, Botsify etc. Each of these app have their own characteristics and uses. All apps are designed by the help Enterprise App Development.


Thus in this article, we have seen the uses and roles of Ai chatbots. But it also has some challenges. When a particular sector like healthcare or educations goes for AI chatbot they should prepare all the requirements as per their needs and can use AI chatbot. Because chatbots are automated solutions, they allow any business or organization to handle many customers’queries at the same time. Future of AI chatbot is very bright as every person and business wants the work on ease and hence they want to use AI chatbots.

It has many benefits, so one should must go for it. By using Bot you can have all kind of benefits like fast customer support, keeping up with trends, pro active customer interaction, better lead generation, cost savings.

So, we can say Ai chatbot will be primary interaction channel of the future. The only challenge in front of the chatbot is, make more intuitive and safe.

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