Android VS iPhone App Development: What’s Good For Your App?

Android or iOS it’s not just a dilemma for the customer but also for the startups looking to develop apps to offer their products and services.

Startups all over the world are struggling with one basic question, which is better for your startup; iOS app development or Android app development?

If your startup has enough resources to commit, you may opt for both the platform but this is never the ideal situation. There are many pros and cons for both the platforms and a lot more stats to go through before taking a decision.

Here are some essential points that will help you to make a wise choice between iPhone and Android app development:

Budget for App Development

Both, Android and iPhone app development vary a lot not just with respect to its coding but also concerning all the costs involved in its developing. It’s not just the matter of which costs higher but also which aspect of iOS or Android App development will cost more and when in the timeline of the project will that cost prevail.


  • Initial Cost:

The initial cost of Android app development is more than iOS as fragmentation becomes a key factor. Fragmentation is when you need to make multiple versions of your app for different versions of operating systems of Android.

A lot of Android platform users still use older Android versions and so there are multiple older OS versions existing in the market. Whilst the initial cost of iPhone app development is almost 1/3rd of Android because it has far less number of OS versions running at any given time.

  • Maintenance Cost:

Maintenance cost of an iPhone app is drastically higher than Android app as there are a very high number of updates releasing yearly in iOS platform compared to Android.

iOS apps are very high class and due to the persistent habit of Apple’s iOS team to give the latest features to the customers via updates, there are a lot more updates in Apple’s iOS platform than Android.

Target Audience:

Knowing your audience and catering to their specific needs will build your company a steady income and a loyal customer base. Android and Apple device users have very different needs and preferences and so their app usage and monetary habits also vary a lot.

iPhone users are more open towards spending money on paid apps while Android users mostly opt for the free version of apps. This is the reason why Apple’s App Store earns twice as much as Google’s Play Store. But if you are looking for higher customer base instead of initial returns on investment; Android app development is better suited for you as the majority of mobile app market is dominated by Android at 66.71% while iOS comes second with 29.55% user population.

This is the reason why many gaming apps seem to make millions overnight because of crowd based backing of highly populated majority of Android users.

 Android VS iPhone App Development:

Let’s have a quick comparison between Android Vs iPhone app development giving you a clear picture to help you decide which platform is best for your app.




Project Timeline

Less time-consuming

Fragmentation results in more time consumption

User Base

Less user base

High user base

Best Monetary Revenue Scheme

Paid apps gives returns initially

In-app purchases and advertisements


Higher maintenance as more updates

Very low maintenance

Development cost

Low development cost

Higher development cost


High security due to more stricter approval policies

Less secure as open source OS and lenient approval policies


Low customizability

Higher customizability

Memory usage

Apps consume less RAM

Apps consume more RAM

App quality

Higher quality apps

Lower quality apps


There are many other aspects that need to be considered before finalizing suitable platform for your app, but the above mentioned points will give you an in-depth idea of what is better for your app. Every app has its own need and the final decision is made on the basis of which platform between Android or iOS App development can give you more benefits in fewer resources.

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