There are so many times when dealing with new clients I automatically place a title on them. It's either a "Player" or a "Go-Getter." The sad thing about it is that there are more players than go-getters. They start off so excited about starting their own business, everything's map out, then they procrastinate for the silliest reasons. Searching the internet on "how-to's" and "should i's", it becomes a regular practice.

Instead jumping around from site to site reading about everyone else's situation, find one, reliable source that you can submit your questions to. There's a site that I visit all the time where I get valuable info on building websites called I joined the forum and ask any question I need answered in this arena. Not only are they super-fast on replying, they're very knowledgeable in their responses.

Aspiring entrepreneurs aren't willing to go for it anymore. They get caught up in this trap where, they spend 4-6 hours reading forums. There are not enough of those that are willing to get their knees dirty by going out there and making it work.

There will come a day and time where the Players will get tired of playing. However, at that point it may be too late. The perfect opportunity they had to start their own business may be given to someone else in their niche or market (a go-getter). This person will succeed a lot faster and more prosperously than normal as they want it more. Their confidence is stronger as they believed in themselves enough to just do it! I'm not saying that you shouldn't prepare yourself thoroughly. But if preparing for you is just surfing the net, reading forums for a year, looking at everyone's site, changing your mind on your original get my point.

Entrepreneurial Spirits, it's time that you stop making excuses. If you are afraid you must own up to it. If you have the vision but don't know what you're doing, you must let it be known and seek assistance.

When you want something, set aside all childish ways, throw away your comfort zone and make it work. I can testify to the feeling of that opportunity passing you by. When you know it's not going to return and that that was your once in a lifetime's the worst feeling you may ever feel.

OnTask Assistants offers a FREE e-book download called "4 Reasons why your business can't fly and 4 things to do about it". It's filled with helpful information and real-life examples that can help you in your journey towards success. Visit for your free copy today!

Remain truthful and passionate to your initial feelings of successful business ownership. You'll feel the excitement once again that will increase your confidence...I promise! Earn the title of a Go-Getter. It sounds better!

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