Are You Using Lead Management CRM Wisely?

Why Leads Give You the Cold Shoulder & What to Do

Converting leads into customers translates investment in lead nurturing software to adequate returns. Most of us spend lot of efforts in generating leads. However, producing leads is varied with different requirements of time and money. Producing leads may be easy but conversions are usually the difficult part of any business.

In addition to this, there is a shared pain point among business owners about leads going cold after first contact. It is baffling and at the same time a challenge of why so many leads give us the cold shoulder. We are at a loss to understand the reasons that may give us some useful clues for a solution.

Consider the following scenarios.

  • Your response to first time inquiry fails to fulfill their needs immediately
  • Less than acceptable customer service experience
  • Salesperson does not follow up
  • Following up later or only once
  • Salesperson fails to nurture the lead adequately

Cold leads will always occur despite all efforts taken. However, you can definitely improve your lead conversion rates. This piece brings insights of three process steps that will decrease the number of unconverted leads dramatically.

Train Your Staff on How to Handle Inbound Leads

Having a step-by-step lead management crm process to handle all inbound leads sets up an efficient procedure. Give your staff clearer instructions with acceptable and comfortable guidelines. Staff should be clear on what companies and business expects of them. They should understand their responsibility and should be aware of what success means exactly.

Implement and enforce lead handling standards for entire staff, beginners as well as older employees. Those dealing with new customers’ inquiries should be well trained for it when they are first hired. Later on, refresher and orientation courses sets the pace of ongoing practices.

Understanding leads and required etiquettes spell success. Businesses should make sure representatives master best practices to optimize their inputs on converting leads. Lead generation can be of any ways like phone calls, live chats, walk-ins, or emails.

Put a Lead Management Process in Place

In house sales representatives may have all the necessary expertise and lead management tool to handle initial contacts of newer leads successfully. However, business organizations require defining and organizing process steps for building expectations on lead conversions. It is an entirely false, assumptive belief that potential customers will reach out to you in case they want to buy. If they are ready for going ahead with their buying intentions, company representatives must follow up to move them consciously through the process. Staying one-step ahead of competitors is what generates business profits. 

Effective lead management indicate statistics of more than 35% sales going to fast responders. Leads go cold if you delay or do not follow up quickly. Organizing customer communications outreach every few months helps learn and adjust.

Use Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is trending and making tsunami waves everywhere. Following up instantly in real time allows prioritizing and nurturing leads with lead management solution.

If clients make an inquiry, it shows their willingness to make a purchase. It is up to you to decide how typically they are ready to buy from the nature of business inquiry. Delays lead to customers turning to competitors. A lead management process is extremely important to handle all inquiries promptly and increase chances of conversions.

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