Artificial Intelligence: Transforming the Economy at a Racing Speed

 Learning new skills in AI to up your game can help you get new jobs. Time to enhance your skill sets in AI and move forward with the spirit to get new jobs in the market. AI is causing digital disruption in the economies and companies are getting extremely competitive. You cannot sit back and relax to watch artificial intelligence changing the whole scenario alone. All you have to do us upgrade your skills to reach to the top positions as shown in the infographic.

Profound Impact of AI on Industries-

External Communication (Marketing, Social Media, PR)

Data driven marketing is taking over the digital world by storm. Marketers are now able to create personalized consumer experiences that saves cost which was not possible through the traditional method of campaigns. Interactions are now saved for the future to analyze what consumers want. With AI, the marketers will be able to take sales forecasting to the next level, gain a deep understanding of the consumers, optimize digital advertising platforms, create detailed consumer profiles, and join real-time conversations with consumers.

Customer Relations/Interactions (Chatbots)

Chatbots are constantly around use and we sometimes are unable to recognize them. Robots are speaking to you over phone and mailing you but you can’t identify whether it’s a human or a robot. That’s the power of AI chatbots. Chatbots are making the conversations more personalized and responsive by adding an emotional touch to it. You get a conversation answered after these stages- Natural language processing, natural language understanding and natural language construction.

HR/Workforce Management

Today AI is able to simplify employee workflows and automates routine, non-creative tasks. It is relieving HRs burden of the monotonous tasks and makes them focus on task that are of great importance. AI will soon automate the process of recruitment and handle the entire process of hiring a candidate to taking a feedback of candidate. AI will hold the potentiality to plan and assist recruitment and appraisal of employees.

Security/Fraud Detection

After a fraud occurs, one has to indulge in the process of tracing the culprit and recover the amount. With the capability of AI, it has become possible to detect the fraud before it actually occurs and prevents the fraud from occurring. This is done by feeding huge amounts of data to capable machines that can analyze suspicious behavior and flag the activity before it occurs.

With AI making its space in every sector, it has become a necessity to get an Artificial Intelligence Certification to master the field of AI. Competition is increasing in the market and you ought to get certified to get skills in AI and take the next step to reach success. ARTIBA offers Artificial Intelligence Engineer Certification that makes an individual master the principles of AI, machine learning and deep learning. Certifications provide credibility and will make you earn high salary packages in good companies. Get certified and stay ahead!

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