Aspects to Consider Before Hiring an Odoo Development Company

In the past few years Odoo has become quite popular with both SMEs and enterprises alike. Odoo, with its all-in-one suite of business apps has something for everyone. And since the addition of ecommerce and CMS modules, Odoo has become even more compelling due to its native integration capabilities. So whether you want an ERP system, an accounting system, a CRM or an ecommerce store, Odoo can help you build all of these and get them integrated with each other for greater data streamlining and operational efficiency.


Being an up-and-coming software suite, there aren’t as many expert odoo developers as there are for more popular software platforms like WordPress or Magento. So here are a few things to consider before you avail of Odoo development solutions from any company.  

Experience with Odoo Development

It is wiser to choose a company that has worked on Odoo technology before. An experienced company will make sure that your project turns out to be successful. The developers who have worked on Odoo will make lesser mistakes and conduct proper testing before implementing changes. Moreover, you need not spend time in making them understand your requirements and can concentrate in developing your business.

Contribution to the Odoo Community

As Odoo is an open-source platform, anyone can contribute to the Odoo platform. If you want to hire a particular company for Odoo Development, you should find out about their open source Odoo contribution. You can ask questions like “Have you solved any problem of Odoo platform by releasing a Odoo app? “Have you found bugs in the existing platform?” etc to the Odoo developers of the company. If the answers to the above questions are “Yes” you can go ahead and strike a deal.

The team size

It is very important to know how many dedicated developers will be working on your Odoo store. You definitely do not want divided attention on your project and would want to ensure that there are no compromises involved. Medium scale teams can communicate amongst each other well and contribute to the success of your website. So make sure you find out about the strength of the team and keep in touch with them while your project is being developed.

Keenness to work on your project

Before finalizing the deal, talk to the Odoo development team and figure out how keen and excited they are to work on your project. Ask questions about their plan and know about the strategies they will implement while working on your website. Also know about the time they will take to implement a particular feature. Listening to their views and opinions on the same will give you an idea about their dedication towards your project.

Client references

A reputed IT firm would’ve worked on multiple projects based on different platforms. Hence, make sure you ask for the client history and references. It will give you an idea about their previous projects and whether they were successfully implemented or not. If the company has international clients and has worked with different sectors, you can consider hiring it for your project.


Once you have checked the above mentioned aspects, make price comparisons and decide on a company that offers superior quality Odoo development at cost-effective rates.

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