B2b Marketing Automation Done Right: Make it or Break it

Marketing automation isn’t likely to go anywhere just yet – with marketing automation vendors predicting huge increases on the market, it is more likely that businesses will have to adjust to this trend. Moving to a tool that enables marketing automation, however, isn’t painless – it is quite expensive, actually. Not only will you have to get used to doing business this way, but you’ll also have to face the data migration, staff training and integration with other types of software. Still, if done properly, marketing automation can do you a world of good, just like it can destroy your company if tackled inappropriately.

What is it?

The point of marketing automation is using software that will mechanize marketing actions, which usually include emails, social media and other non-personal website actions. Automating such tedious tasks is supposed to make things significantly easier. However, marketing automation requires investment, both when it comes to time and money, and if not performed the right way can lead to spending money on something that won’t do much but cause confusion and frustration.

The Reality of Things

The grim reality of things is the fact that you will, doubtlessly, start by losing money. If done properly, marketing automation is something that works in the long run, but you won’t be able to make use of it instantly – you will still need a quality sales team in place. Nevertheless, even if you do it well, the results do not always justify the investment and chances are that it won’t be worth all the money spent on adjusting.

Keep in mind, though, that there’s a reason why many who are buying marketing automation software use it to the full extent. Even though purchasing more than you can use isn’t recommended, the fact that people do this establishes a basis for trusting marketing automation tools.

The Upshot

Although there are risk factors following marketing automation, if your products and/or services are suitable for this business method and you spend enough time coming up with an appropriate tools, you are likely to see significant returns. For example, a reputable content marketing agency states that behind a well-executed automation strategy stands great content – which makes the success of marketing automation somewhat evident.

Is Your Business Suited for Marketing Automation?

One of the key factors of making marketing automation work for you is by becoming aware of whether or not your business is suitable for this luxury. You need to ask yourself whether your marketing team has the appropriate skills to take advantage of marketing automation. Even though the word automation is mentioned here, this is not to say that the marketing automation tools will do the job on their own – your employees will need to learn how to use it, to tame it, if you will.

Another question that arises is that of whether you have enough leads that could feed into the marketing automation process – without leads, marketing automation won’t do you any more good than Minesweeper.

Lastly, you have to ask yourself if you have a quality CRM tool that will help you close all the leads that you have. Or, do you have the products or services that don’t need the whole lead nurturing process?

After you’ve asked all the fundamental questions, you are likely to come to a conclusion whether or not marketing automation is precisely what your business needs. Still, if it’s a perfect match, you will have to put some effort into making it work for you. The learning curve is steep, but if done properly, it will most likely reflect beneficially upon your business.

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