Basic SEO Tips to Follow While Optimizing Website

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Before going to share few tips about SEO for beginners, here is a brief introduction about what SEO is. Search engine optimization if done in a right way on website can help in making a very good improvement in website visibility on search engines. If you are not are much technically linked with SEO,

Here are few SEO basics that you can do by your own

Keyword Research: As you are the only person who knows what you are selling much better than others. To add keywords in your website, you can do keyword research and find relevant queries with the help of Google Adwords keyword tool or by simply writing any general keyword to check the search engine queries option provided at the bottom of the page.

Updated Website Title & Meta Info: Update website title, meta description, heading tags and meta keywords with target search queries.

URL Structure: You can tell your website developer to make a simple url structure by adding keywords. Tell him to not repeat keywords in urls to avoid Google EMD algorithm.

Internal Links: Link your web pages internally on relevant queries in the content.

Use Alt Tags: Adding alt tags in your images is another factor that can be counted under website optimization.

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