Best 9 Tools to Optimize Content Marketing

It is the dream of every business to be the most efficient at whatever it engages in. Businesses mostly engage in activities geared towards something profitable either directly or indirectly so success means more than just attaining a target.  It may determine the very destiny of the business. This applies more so to marketing efforts as they have a direct bearing on the potential of the business to push its agenda forward and consequently move into the future as it plans to. A big part of marketing in this age is done online, and content market features prominently on the roster of these online marketing campaigns.

Statistics indicate that up to 42% of marketers in the B2B segment are efficient in content marketing. This means that more than half have inefficiencies in their campaigns. But if you are going to engage content marketing you might as well do it, right? So this article is for you who is in the inefficient bracket, and even if you are among the most efficient ones, there is always room to do better. Here is a list of tools that are instrumental in content marketing. They will help you increase your reach, boost traffic flowing to your sites, generate more sales for you, among other benefits.

1.      Reddit
Reddit has evolved significantly to stand out as being one of the most reliable sites for content marketers. What with its over 36 million active users. Marketing your content on Reddit gives you access to more people than you would have obtained marketing in some countries. If you tailor your content right for the Reddit audience, you can be sure of a decent chance that it will go viral.

2.      BuzzSumo

This is one of the tools that guide you by the hand to exactly what you need to do to ensure that you are not merely wasting time with your content marketing efforts. It performs an analysis of the type of content that performs best in your market niche, or used by your competitors and gives you access to the best performing content in a detailed report. You cannot go wrong with the right information on the market since all you have to do is tailor your content to the market’s liking and you are in business, at the top of the business.

3.      Hootsuite

Hootsuite simplifies the time intensive process, creating content and sharing it on various social media platforms. It allows you to schedule the content you plan to share in advance. This ensures that you concentrate on producing high-quality work to your audience as you do not have to worry about posting it. Hootsuite is integrable with over 35 social media platforms so you will not have a shortage of audience.

4.      Tweriod

This is a Twitter-specific tool that conducts analysis of the platform and gives you a detailed report on which days your potential audience is most active. This translates into the best time to post your content with prospects of it being noticed.

5.      Essay Wiriting Education

A dedicated academic writing website, hires professional writers dedicated to delivering content tailored to suit your needs. It has the benefit of giving al work a human touch, ensuring that you only have unique content, which is key in content marketing. Additionally, there is the guarantee of high-quality work, which is highly significant in deciding what content is shared and which one is not. You need other sites to generate backlinks to your sites, but you would not do the same for poor quality either.

6.      Ahrefs

This is a tool that is designed to study the market environment for you. It allows you to track the mentions that your brand gets, the backlinks you are getting, keywords, and your competitors’ activities. You are able to track how you are performing in the market, and compare against your competition. You can rest assured that it does not miss any information with its capacity to crawl over five billion pages daily.

7.      Moz Open Site Explorer

The Moz open site is yet another tool that helps you stand up to and possibly outperform your competition. The free version generates three reports daily, reflecting the number of mentions you are getting and how you compare to your competition. The pro version comes at a price, but it allows you unlimited feedback as much as you need it.

8.      Divvy HQ

Marketers will agree that maintaining a content calendar is tedious. You can also lose on ideas that come to you impromptu, in the middle of unrelated activities such as sleeping. Divvy HQ shows you what has been done in your line of business, what is in the process of being completed, and what is scheduled to be done. It will make coordination of your team an efficient effort whereby activities in sub-calendars for specific teams are connected to a master calendar.

9.      Meme Generator

Sometimes all that you need is a good laugh, as does your audience. There is no better way to get that comic break than by turning an otherwise mundane image into a hilarious image. This is a free tool that spices up your content and quite possibly spikes your searches on social media.


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Comment by Toni Sofin on January 17, 2017 at 9:31am

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