Best Plantronics Bluetooth headsets of 2017

Customers need to check the reputation of the headset brand before they use their hard earned money to make purchases. If you talk about the top-rated headset companies, Plantronics can easily be counted as the best brand. As a headset company, Plantronics is highly experienced and has been producing the finest hearing devices for a long span.

his company produces Bluetooth headsets for all kinds of users. Whether you are a corporate professional or a casual headset user, you can find a headset according to your specific set of needs in the Plantronics product line. The company has produced highly reliable headsets in the year 2017. Some of these high-quality wireless headsets are listed below.

Plantronics CS510

The best thing about the Plantronics CS510 is that it can be used for work related as well as personal communication. Due to these benefits, it can easily be counted as one of the best Plantronics Bluetooth headsets of 2017. Here are some of the impressive features that this headset has.

  • The CS510 has high standard noise cancellation options so that the user can talk even when he is present in atmospheres that are not calm. This does happen when you are working in a noisy environment. If you have people conversing with you, it would be tough for you to listen to what the person at the other end is saying. With CS510, you can hear the person on call without any disturbances.

  • The wireless Bluetooth range that the CS510 is highly attractive. As this headset has a range of 350 feet, you can easily move away from your workstation and even move to another floor while being on call. In other words, your call would not be distorted when the customer moves away from the base.

    With such a long Bluetooth range you do not need to carry your smartphone with you. For instance, if you are expecting an important call and you need to attend a conference at the same time, you can simply put your cs510 on your ear and attend you call without keeping your smartphone with you.

  • Connecting the headset to the charger frequently can prove to be a cumbersome as well as a tiring process. When a user is at work, he needs to be on call at regular intervals. However, he also needs to perform countless other tasks at the same time.

    As a user, if you want to entertain your calls without any inconveniences, you need a headset with good talk time. As the CS510 can be used without break for 9 hours, the need of connecting the headset to the charger after short intervals simply does not exist.

  • The question of calls getting affected by Wi-Fi interferences does not exist when you are using this incredible headset. The CS510 has DECT 6.0 technology that blocks all kinds of Wi-Fi interferences so that customers can handle their calls without any kind of interruptions. DECT technology is highly important whether you are using a headset for work-related calls or even at home for personal communication.

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Plantronics CS520

The CS520 has several advantages which makes it one of the most preferred wireless headsets. Particularly, when you talk about corporate professionals, most of them opt for it due to its incomparable benefits.

  • This headset completely blocks all kind of background sounds. As a user, you would not have to change your position to attend a call. Users of the Plantronics CS520 can easily attend calls even when they are standing in the middle of a noisy marketplace. Some professional including brokerage executives work in a noisy environment. Along with that, they attend calls for a large part of the day. Considering this requirement, this headset is undoubtedly recommended for them.

  • When you are using a wireless headset, you would want to move about and talk. There is no point in buying a wireless headset when you have to sit in one place and talk at the same time. As the CS520 comes with a wireless range of 350 feet, you can talk easily while walking down the stairs or going from one floor to the other. This is not one of the headsets that have a small Bluetooth range. Thus, as a user, if you need the freedom to move about when you are taking a call, the CS520 would surely prove to be suitable for you.

  • This headset has DECT6.0 technology that puts an end to all kinds of interferences from the surrounding Wi-Fi connections. When you have various Wi-Fi connections around you and you have an ongoing call, the call quality does get affected. In other words, you would not be able to listen to the caller at the other end in a clear manner.

    If you are using the CS520, you can rest assured that you would not face this problem. With the help of DECT6.0 technology, this headset eliminates the interferences from surrounding Wi-Fi connections. For handling work-related calls, this is a necessity as it is important to focus on work-related calls.

  • CS520 is also counted as one of the best Plantronics headsets of 2017 because it offers incredible comfort to the user. It is one of the headsets that can be easily worn for the entire day regularly. This is the reason because of which it suits working professionals who need to wear a headset for the whole day. These include remote software developers and stock traders.

Plantronics CS530

The CS530 can also be counted as one of the best Plantronics headsets of 2017. Some of the impressive features which this headset has are listed below.

  • It is a light weighted headset which simply means that you can wear it for full working days. You can also move comfortably while wearing this headset because it has a strong firm grip.

  • This headset helps you in talking comfortably in extremely noisy environments. This simply means that all kinds of background sounds would be completely blocked. At times, users are required to attend calls when they are commuting or driving. In such situations, they do not have calm environments around them. Particularly if you get an important work-related call in such cases, you would be unable to attend to such calls if there are noises around you.

  • The purpose of buying a wireless headset gets eliminated if it does not offer a good talk time to the user. If you are required to connect your headset to the charger every now and then, your communication would be disrupted completely.

    On the other hand, this is not the case of you are using the CS530. Once you have recharged the headset fully, you can use it at a stretch for approximately 7 hours. Fork work related schedules; this proves to be a good option as you can use your headset for almost the whole day without recharging it.

There is no doubt that Plantronics Bluetooth headsets are much better in terms of quality as compared to the other headset brands. Whether you are seeking a headset for office related communication or to cater to your personal calls, you should glance at one of these headsets.

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