Biggest Trends in Mobile App Development Through 2018

From android instant apps to those that make greater use of artificial intelligence and virtual reality, there's a lot that's new in the app world for 2018. One of the more exciting yet practical trends are apps that link up wearable devices and complement users' on-the-go lifestyles.

Wearable and IoT Apps

Following on the popularity of Apple Watch apps, the year ahead will see an upsurge in apps linked to the internet of things. The internet of things is used in a variety of sectors (e.g., healthcare and home design), and already the internet of things is a multi-billion dollar industry. In fact, the IoT field represented about $157 billion in 2016 and, if all goes according to plan, the field could be worth about four times that by 2021.

The more data that can be uploaded from smart homes and wearable technology, the more that this field will continue to grow and further fulfill its potential. Apps like Foursquare make finding a spot to grab a bite to eat or find outdoor activities really easy, and something like the Uber app can help you get there. Looking to leave a message with your friends saying that you can't make it? The Glide app is an increasingly popular way to leave video messages. Count on wear-apps that dovetail with people's current lifestyles to do well in 2018.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated mobile pages is a collaborative idea between Twitter and Google designed to make pages load more quickly on mobile devices. AMPs, as they're known by insiders, are essentially simplified versions of HTML that are designed to furnish visitors with the essentials. A streamlined iteration of CSS helps to pull it off.

By incorporating more AMP designs into your current website, you stand to enjoy more visitors, higher page rankings, and easier content placement. The general idea behind AMPs is that web pages that load more quickly will be less prone to having a high bounce rate, or the rate at which customers abandon the site because it takes too long to load. Over four-fifths of publishers are finding significantly higher visibility rates by incorporating AMP pages into their website and mobile app development.

Mobile App Payment Integration

Mobile app payment integration is an inevitable consequence of there being more users making payments online and more online wallets globally. In 2017, the number of mobile wallets globally was projected to be around 1.5 billion. That trend will continue throughout 2018 as more customers search through competing websites to find the one that makes mobile payments the simplest. Customers are looking for an intuitive yet safe way to checkout online, which underlines the importance of...

Mobile App Security

Research from the tech firm Gardner shows that three-fourths of app providers fail on common metrics of basic security. Poor authentication and poor transport layer protection are security gaps that will be rectified in 2018. Security is obviously a larger concern for enterprise application development because businesses and governments control much more sensitive data than most app providers possess.

Android Instant Apps

The aim behind Android Instant Apps is to eliminate the gap between native apps and web apps. The apps are so tiny that they can run almost instantaneously without the need to check in at the Google Play store.

You can think of Android Instant Apps as accelerated mobile pages in the app world. In the same way that accelerated mobile pages are designed to load more quickly by incorporating stripped-down HTML code, Android Instant Apps are more stripped-down versions of native apps, which don't require users to download anything from Apple Play. That translates into time and cost savings.

That's from the customer perspective. Android Instant Apps also benefit startups in the sense that by streamlining the browsing and customer experience for users you can increase both engagement, the amount of time that customers spend on your app, and overall customer retention. User acquisition costs also go way down with Android Instant Apps.

Expect to see more streamlined versions of apps, better security, and easier online payments in 2018.

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