Biz 911: Creating Fast Cash When You Need It

If you have a boutique biz, this is the perfect time of year to kick it into high gear - especially if you’ve been feeling stuck, stagnant, under earning or suddenly your back is really against the wall! Here are a few things that I have found work well and work fast when you need … oh, well… instant results!

1. Work ONLY for MONEY $$. This may sound basic, but it’s easy to get lost in a long list of “to-do’s”. Let go of growing your list, improving your blog or designing that fancy new logo - unless it’s going to bring in money - now. Track the number of hours you are working each day and make sure that the revenue supports this. With every task you do, ask yourself “Is this going to bring me money right away.”

2. Decide on ONE RESULT you need this week. Yes, just one, and be really clear. Maybe it’s signing one new client, or 10? To book a corporate gig? Or sell 5 of your pieces? What is it going to take to make that happen? Every day focus your activities; min 3-4 hours on just that one outcome. Write proposals, start a new ad campaign, send out a promotional email. Clear, focused, direct action.

3. Create a NEW OFFER if you need to. Who can you help NOW?  Who is in immediate “pain”, discomfort or need? What can you offer them to get out of that pain or fill the need fast!? Whip up something that’s tasty, yummy and is going to help them, and then get it in front of them. PLUS add a special bonus or discount to really seal the deal.

4. PLAN Your Day the Night Before - this one step increases my productivity by about 70% , and if revenue is your focus, it goes up too. I use a DAILY TIME SHEET for my biz with the important stuff already on it. You can download the PDF here: (no sign up! :)

5. COMMIT to doing whatever it takes. Make a list of 10 THINGS you will do to get that ONE RESULT. Example: get up an hour earlier every day, plan the night before, market an extra hour every day, talk to 25 new people this week etc. 

6. START. Don’t wait for confidence and clarity; they both come as a result of action, not just thinking about it. Absolutely plan first, but then get going, even if you are a little unsure or scared.

7. Get ACCOUNTABILITY.  This is invaluable! Friends and family aren’t usually great for this :) … love them, enjoy them, but keep your business separate. Find a business buddy if you can. Feel free to post on my Facebook page if you need a little support or download my Free 5 Part E Course  to CREATE RADICAL CHANGE FAST- it’s really fantastic if you need something to pull you forward.

Whatever else has happened this year, let it go… YOU CAN DO THIS! With the right tools, a good plan in place and a little support, be prepared to kick some butt!


If you’re ready to put your head down on your desk and cry until your mascara runs, or really pitch the computer through the window this time, hold on … one day a week I clear a few time slots in my schedule and offer FREE BUSINESS HELP. Yup! Really. Want more info, hop on over here to find out how it works.

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